Enzeru of Imperian

Information about Enzeru from Imperian

Name: Enzeru
Full name: Enzeru Ruadh
City: Ithaqua
Guild: Idras
Towne: Kadar
Level: 88
Bashing level: 87
Questing level: 72
Achievement points: 151
Pk level: 64
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an athletic lycaean. His powerful form is swathed in a smooth coat of fur, colored purest silver on his torso but gradually fading to a deep smoky grey on the limbs and head. Reminiscent in stature of the implacable Ithaquan pines, he stands resolute at very nearly two meters, the otherwise plain silhouette of short fur countered by a thick shock of hair about his back of his head and the underside of his lupine muzzle. Keen eyes of translucent crystal dart from point to point in unrelenting calculation of the immediate environment, only meeting the gaze of others after each singular element has been examined at length. Also constantly at attention are a pair of large, grey ears, taking in every ambient noise. At the ends of long, wiry arms, slender digits clench and unclench in search of a weapon to grant them purpose, deep shadows gliding along the dusky fur with the scantest of motions. The fourth finger of his left hand is conspicuously absent beyond the knuckle, its jagged stump hinting at a violent removal. His every movement appears practiced and perfected over the span of his long years, from the lightest flexing of his form to the sweeping motions of his martial art, carefully balanced using each muscle and the counterweight of his thickly furred tail.
Profession: Berserker
Player kills: 2
Deaths: 0
Arena rank: 601
Pvp rank: 0