Naois of Imperian

Information about Naois from Imperian

Name: Naois
Full name: Naois Aelinelda, Umbra Iustitia
City: Kinsarmar
Guild: Spectres
Towne: Kaark'krazul
Level: 86
Bashing level: 87
Questing level: 77
Achievement points: 258
Pk level: 31
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an astute sylayan. His dark silver eyes stare out judgingly, almost knowingly, from their sockets. His jet black hair falls nonchalantly about his face, short enough to not need to be pulled back, yet long enough to get in the way at times. His skin is of a lightly tanned tone, apparent that travelling is in his nature. His flesh is not marred with scars as most would expect, yet a single tattoo adorns his right arm. Trailing from his wrist, vines flow up his arm. Should his shirt allow it to be visible, a rose in full bloom covers the expanse of his shoulder. His body is of a slender and toned build, muscles well defined without being bulky.
Profession: Renegade
Player kills: 2
Deaths: 44
Arena rank: 4258
Pvp rank: 0