Alonzo of Imperian

Information about Alonzo from Imperian

Name: Alonzo
Full name: Alonzo Dios
City: Celidon
Guild: Hunters
Towne: (none)
Level: 129
Bashing level: 121
Questing level: 121
Achievement points: 882
Pk level: 91
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an athletic fallen. Most notable is the fact that he is flanked by the imposing remnants of wings of an unknown but surely impressive span. Each adjoining bone of his skeletal wings, still littered with the last vestiges of sinew twitch individually, causing a ripple effect over the wings as a whole when altering their resting position. His granite hard, flawless alabaster skin is that of a younger man, not a scar nor blemish marring his angelic complexion. His stony, lifeless amber-gold eyes; pupils fully dilated, appear hollow and would detract from his beauty if not for the inviting, long black lashes that encircle them. With a long jaw-line and cheekbones as high as his, he would appear to be trapped between childhood and maturity; much of the resulting hardness of age not being present in his visage. At a comfortable six and a half feet he seems lithe, though deathly still, without even the movement an intake of breath would partake of. His serene figure is without any bulk whatsoever, his long limbs hanging freely from their sockets, his diminutive chest tapering further to an ungodly thin waist. The only redeeming features of his pallid, corpse-like face are his crimson lips, pressed together in a hard line; the slightest blush across his top and bottom lips both fierce and tempting. Falling in tresses over the remnants of his skeletal wings, meticulously combed hair cascades in dark curls to frame his face, flowing to the small of his back. Broad, but with only the slight musculature of youth, his shoulders lead to more muscular arms; the sleeves of his cloak rolled back. Ivory white and seemingly polished, pristine nails adorn the tips of his fingers, buffed and shaped into little points. Powerful legs bend and stretch, his weight shifting constantly, his powerful frame almost swaying. A large dark tattoo of sharp curves in an almost spiralling design adorns his left flank, extending from his ribs down to below his pant line, with the end of the design remaining hidden beneath his assorted attire.
Profession: Druid
Player kills: 395
Deaths: 141
Arena rank: 271
Pvp rank: 0