Tsinghahla of Imperian

Information about Tsinghahla from Imperian

Name: Tsinghahla
Full name: Tsinghahla Iscariot
City: Khandava
Guild: Noctusari
Towne: Mylani
Level: 103
Bashing level: 101
Questing level: 77
Achievement points: 533
Pk level: 82
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is a strong ssylsin. He is rather diminuitive in stature, reaching a height of about five feet with straight posture and in possession of a build that seems more emaciated than brutal in its definition. His build, though almost perilously thin, contains a certain sinewy strength; taut sinew stretched beneath the scales of his species. The smooth surface of his scales has been weathered by the onward passage of years, bearing evidence of having been traumatically burned some time in the past. Sections of his scales are mere hollowed pits, with thick bands of dark scar tissue evident beneath their battered edges. The entire left side of his sardonic visage has been composed of a ruinous grey, its leather features twisted and pockmarked by flame, reinforcing the image of some past misfortune. His eyes glitter from his ruined visage, the narrowed right as cold and foreboding as ice, while the left appears to have been meticulously crafted from smooth porcelain and set within an empty socket, its surface devoid of expression.
Profession: Defiler
Player kills: 115
Deaths: 70
Arena rank: 157
Pvp rank: 0