Zophael of Imperian

Information about Zophael from Imperian

Name: Zophael
Full name: Cap'n Zophael Ogradhad, Brewmaster
City: Ithaqua
Guild: Sentinels
Towne: Pol'pera
Level: 102
Bashing level: 104
Questing level: 83
Achievement points: 494
Pk level: 55
Xp rank: 105
Description: He is an athletic minotaur. Charcoal hair of medium length surrounds his sharp face, falling in an unkept manner around his hat. Standing strong and proud, his shoulders are held back and chin is held up in confidence. His steel blue eyes penetrate the room, their sharp focus attentive to everything that happens in the area. Lightly toned arms give a hint at his strength. His slightly muscled torso is equally well-kept, while a slight, continuous grin adorns his lips, giving an aura of mystery about him. He is wearing a set of diamond bracelets, an icewyrm-themed vialbelt of ivory leather, a shifting anklet of the mountains, a wolf-inspired Vitani relic, a suit of sparkling chainmail, a Truesilver Ring, an earring of Gazali, a glittering ring of vitality, a steelweave surcoat, a deceptive cloak of the waves, a Girdle of Aesir, a money pouch, a wyrmskin pack, Gloves of Harvesting, a pocketbelt, a pulsating choker of the waves, a dragonskin quiver, a charm bracelet, and a blood pendant. He wields a mithril spear in his right hand.
Profession: Ranger
Player kills: 7
Deaths: 51
Arena rank: 581
Pvp rank: 288