Kabaal of Imperian

Information about Kabaal from Imperian

Name: Kabaal
Full name: The Lovely Lord, Kabaal Lynne
City: Stavenn
Guild: Noctusari
Towne: Annona
Level: 120
Bashing level: 131
Questing level: 110
Achievement points: 668
Pk level: 92
Xp rank: 17
Description: He is a beautiful dexterous arel. Whether tucked around his frame in an encompassing halo of light or spread out to let each feather sparkle with intensity, the brilliantly luminescent feathers of the wings protruding from the ridges of his spine are quite literally the most visible aspect of the angelic figure. Along the top, the core bones of the appendages come up to an inward-facing curve before flowing outward for several feet. The rest of his form is that of a slender and tall male with pale white skin of a faintly glossy palette, the surface of which bears faint lines of broken red flesh that cross over one another in diamond patterns of varying areas and imperfect dimensions. Tendrils of a darker red flare out from the lines and into the void of white within a smattering selection of the sections. The lines begin to gather at each wrist and ankle before converging to the central digit, weaving together a bridal gauntlet pattern that highlights delicate hands and svelte feet of alabaster skin. Each nail has been painted a brilliant and shimmering red that rides the extended and pointed claws. His face is the purest white snowbank around two shimmering and iridescent lakes of unsullied water. The snowy visage of soft curves and sharp lines is surrounded by a shroud of thick, silver hair that spills down to the center of his chest and back. Ruby red lips sit under a lithe button nose with a crisp line to it. The same shimmering hairs flicker along with the beating of his eyelids and the furrowing of his brow, accenting the movements of the wide and luminous eyes of deep blue that shine back the image of his focus warped by the colorings of his perception.
Profession: Assassin
Player kills: 453
Deaths: 548
Arena rank: 103
Pvp rank: 17