Kabaal of Imperian

Information about Kabaal from Imperian

Name: Kabaal
Full name: Lord Kabaal Lynne-S'Sylistha, Charmer Snake
City: Stavenn
Guild: Noctusari
Towne: Annona
Level: 111
Bashing level: 105
Questing level: 107
Achievement points: 445
Pk level: 79
Xp rank: 41
Description: He is a fast ssylsin. A cryptic-looking snake by any measure is this one. His scales are dark to the point of almost being black, slight hints of varying dark greens showing in them from time to time. The light, rippling plates on his face are offset by a red dirk slashing across his left cheek, a cobra wrapping around the blade with teeth bared in vicious warning. His dark head is covered by silvery grey hair that tumbles down to his shoulders in feverish waves. Save for the coating of nearly pearlescent scales that seem to bend and bounce every scrap of light, his facial structure would appear to be that of an average mortal male, the features angled slightly towards the chin. The rest of his exposed flesh is dotted with sections of lighter colored scales, scars that have regrown, the largest one across his back, running the length of his spine. Peaking just above the collarbone are a series of patterned scars, the lines sharply waxing and waning as the trace through the grooves in the scales of his neck, a deeper scar underlining the wound. When he opens his hand, a dark red scar can be seen in the shape of a "V", one side slightly longer than the other. Lithe and tense sinew stretches and pulls throughout his body, the small musculature of his frame quite apparently built for speed over strength or durability. On his right arm, deep scars cover the inside of his wrist, forming a series of interlocking polygons interspersed with sharp and simple script of a lost language. His body is dotted with many piercings and a small number of tattoos, giving his already menacing visage a darker look. Two such tattoos are a barrage of dark lines inscribed on his left hand, cascading around and enveloping his fingers in a seemingly mindless pattern, and a lighter green cobra wrapping around his stomach at his navel. To top off his image, his tail extends out to roughly half the length of his body, the thin appendage appearing agile and acrobatic.
Profession: Assassin
Player kills: 175
Deaths: 235
Arena rank: 135
Pvp rank: 100