Drayco of Imperian

Information about Drayco from Imperian

Name: Drayco
Full name: Drayco Veliryan
City: Ithaqua
Guild: Sentinels
Towne: (none)
Level: 73
Bashing level: 70
Questing level: 48
Achievement points: 23
Pk level: 1
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is a strong kohdon. He is still somewhat human. He stands at at least six and a half feet tall, and has an athletic build. His hair is golden blond, and it stands up towards his right. His eyes are a bright shade of blue, and the pupils are slit-shaped, like a lizard's. While some of his face still bears human skin, he has scales extending down the bridge of his nose, as well as on the sides of his head along his cheekbones. The scales that adorn the visible portions of his body are jade green, with occasional stripes of a deep brassy gold color, resembling the mythical wyverns. Wide scaled wings sprout from his back, the backsides entirely of the brassy color, while the inside is a rusty reddish-orange color. ----------.
Profession: Outrider
Player kills: 0
Deaths: 1
Arena rank: 2006
Pvp rank: 0