Andun of Imperian

Information about Andun from Imperian

Name: Andun
Full name: Archknight Andun Rathgar
City: Antioch
Guild: (none)
Towne: (none)
Level: 85
Bashing level: 81
Questing level: 69
Achievement points: 362
Pk level: 82
Xp rank: 263
Description: He is an athletic norrjin. . He stands near the average height for his race, reaching a few inches below six feet. His skin is lightly tanned and weather beaten, with scars that tell of a lifetime of battle. His hair is black and worn long, though it is pulled back into a short ponytail and tied with a small leather thong. He wears a beard of similar colour, though peppered with gray. Physically, he is not an imposing man, his body is lithely muscled and almost gaunt looking. He stands at ease, his stehl gray eyes attentively watching his surroundings despite his calm demeanor. He is wearing a pair of plated black boots, a shimmering suit of full plate armour, and a vialbelt of truesilver kegs.
Profession: Templar
Player kills: 252
Deaths: 85
Arena rank: 583
Pvp rank: 69