Aislygn of Imperian

Information about Aislygn from Imperian

Name: Aislygn
Full name: Valkyrie Etude Aislygn Covante, Speaker of Ancients
City: Celidon
Guild: Bards
Towne: Dakker
Level: 106
Bashing level: 109
Questing level: 89
Achievement points: 689
Pk level: 79
Xp rank: 86
Description: She is an athletic arel. Standing six feet tall, Aislygn's seraph-like form bears near-pristine pale skin of a creamy hue. Long brown hair falls in soft waves around her shoulders and down to her waist, streaked with thick gold locks. Long willowy limbs support a lean torso of no great remarkability. The image of a javelin, placed just over the heart depicts a thin string attached to the end of the weapon, trailing a few feathers and beads, a symbol reading "Pride". Her eyes' irises are a bright blue, centered with tiny pupils that bear a slight elongation, as though mimicking the slitted pupils of a reptile. Large white wings protrude from beneath her shoulderblades, a thick snowy feathering running the impressive thirty-foot wingspan with a thin downy layer beneath to provide warmth and a solid golden sublayer that shines and glints through the white feathers in direct light to give the appearance of fire. Her ears are also slightly elongated, evidence of her elven beginnings, the tip of one ear missing a thin sliver from the edge. On each hand, she bears tattoos, listing the names of her children. Her right hand bears four scars, three running in one direction across her palm and one running in the other. On her right bicep, she bears a mess of a tattoo of ink showing what was once the Elarien family crest, and the left bicep bears the crest of the Covante.------.
Profession: Runeguard
Player kills: 96
Deaths: 529
Arena rank: 362
Pvp rank: 108