Aislygn of Imperian

Information about Aislygn from Imperian

Name: Aislygn
Full name: BeastKeeper Aislygn Covante, Storm of Shadows
City: Celidon
Guild: Stormweavers
Towne: Dakker
Level: 102
Bashing level: 106
Questing level: 86
Achievement points: 581
Pk level: 69
Xp rank: 92
Description: She is an athletic sylayan. A sinewy creature, her Sylayan form covered in minute, pebbly scales ranging from violet around the eyes, ears, side of the face and other visible joints to a bright, reflective golden. From her back protrude two large, batlike wings that hang folded behind her at rest. When spread, the membrane between each bone spread thin to reflect a shimmering golden yellow, the knuckles and joints and scales of the arms shaded with a deep violet. A long, slender tail protrudes from the tailbone at the base of her spine, tapering slowly to a deadly point. The tip of the tail can be seen periodically opening and snapping closed with a metallic sound. Long claws on each finger seem to grow and retract as her movements dictate. Scar tissue of light violet crops up all over her body, as though the marks of hundreds of attacks. Some of the marks are evident as animal teeth, while others are far less easily recognizable. The image of a javelin, placed just over the heart depicts a thin string attached to the end of the weapon, trailing a few feathers and beads. A symbol decorates the javelin on the tip, which reads for "Pride". The thick lines show the work of a knife as opposed to a tattoo needle. Her cold eyes are a light aqua blue, the pupils slitted to resemble those of a reptile. On each hand, etchings of names can be seen carved into the finer chitin, listing the names of her children and grandchildren. Her right hand bears four scars, three running in one direction across her palm, and one running in the other. On her right bicep, she bears a mess of a tattoo of ink showing what was once the Elarien family crest, and the left bicep bears the clear crest of the Covante. ~~. She is wearing an Outrider's cloak, 3 pocketbelts, 2 chartreuse armbands, abstractly shaped earrings, 2 wooden rings, Gloves of Harvesting, a bloodstained silver charm, 3 pocketbelts, a hide vest of black and blue, a flowing silk cloak, a whimsical platinum tiara, a feminine platinum collar, a white lily wreathed in shadows, a twin heart golden ring, a sleek vialbelt of purple suede, a primal pendant, a sleek black leather pack, a sturdy quiver of rugged leather, a sleek silken mask of blue flames, black leggings of cotton and silk, black leather gypsy boots, and elbow length black sheep's hide gloves. She wields a gilded silver spear in her left hand.
Profession: Hunter
Player kills: 67
Deaths: 382
Arena rank: 382
Pvp rank: 237