Sani of Imperian

Information about Sani from Imperian

Name: Sani
Full name: He who Kulls, Sani Ironpaw
City: (none)
Guild: (none)
Towne: (none)
Level: 118
Bashing level: 122
Questing level: 83
Achievement points: 504
Pk level: 90
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an athletic lycaean. Standing approximately six and a half foot in height his frame is wirery in nature, lithe and toned from years of hard physical labour.The surface of his body is covered in a two-toned fur. At the very tip of his head it begins as blue, and cascades down over his shoulders and back before finally finishing upon his haunches and upper part of his tail like a natural cloak. The rest of his fur being pure white in colour. When catching the light correctly the surface of his fur seems to transform into a shimmer of silver. Various parts of his body appear more machine than man. Most striking is a set of cogs which appear to be embedded into his skull, just behind his right ear. Along with this are wires which burrow into his flesh at the joint of his jaw on either side, twisted and somewhat bloody; a relic of his past life. The claw and forearm of his left arm, appear to shimmer, as if metallic with wires and levers protruding from the surface. The majority of his body is cloaked in various items of clothing, trinkets and trophies of various kills. His hands remain visible though, each finger tipped with a deadly razor-sharp claw which appears occasionally as they flex. Their movements seemingly in unison with his tail, which sways from side to side in a rythmic fashion.
Profession: Monk
Player kills: 240
Deaths: 179
Arena rank: 17
Pvp rank: 0