Alesud of Imperian

Information about Alesud from Imperian

Name: Alesud
Full name: Alesud al-Hamasa
City: Ithaqua
Guild: (none)
Towne: Aherindale
Level: 106
Bashing level: 106
Questing level: 84
Achievement points: 706
Pk level: 80
Xp rank: 103
Description: She is an athletic akrabi. Hailing from the desert sands, the deep violet -- almost black -- chiton that plates her form is still rich in colour, unbleached by the orbiting suns. Deep scars and scratches mar the natural armour, tracing thin white lines across its surface in violent criss-cross patterns and jagged strokes. Lamiran script -- reading prayers to those that know the language -- is finessely painted in silver, wrapping around her arms, legs, and tail, varying in size and faded with time. Metal plates of iron armour, each with small spikes placed at inch-wide intervals, cover her segmented tail, adding a soft clink to the movement whenever her tail twitches. Her body lacks the normal curvature of most Aetherian women, causing her to appear fairly androgynous. Though while not muscular, she maintains an athletic build. Etched into her left forearm in flowing script is the word 'zirna'. Carefully carved into the chiton just below it is a small star jasmine blossom whose stem is intertwined with the stem of a tiger lily. Intricate details have been painstakingly etched to make the blooms appear life-like. A small heptagonal star adorns the right side of her neck, barely noticeable beneath her shoulder-length sable locks. The hair has been jaggedly cut and cropped, leaving a ruffled and unkempt look. A single streak of silver in her hair frames the left side of her face. Her dark blue eyes remain distant and cool, regarding her surroundings with an unfeeling edge, often veiled like much of her face by the hood of her cloak. Tethered to the front fasten of the cloak is a tarnished star charm the size of a golden sovereign. She is wearing 24 pocketbelts, an ironwood bow, a battered black leather satchel, a silver ring of meditation, a silver gypsy boot anklet, bracers of the Wyrm, a tiny glittering star, a tiny paw-print badge, a dark tribal vialbelt, 26 pocketbelts, a Shielddance torc necklace, a fang-embroidered leather pouch, a glittering ring of vitality, ironwood and onyx prayer beads, a tarnished coin medal, a dragonskin quiver, a Diadem of the Quickening, a pair of Renascent Armguards, an amulet of desert rock, an armband of the Ravenguard, a rugged brown saddle pack, a fluctuating crown of ghosts, a pulsating choker of lightning, a silver amulet, a silver keyring, a Truesilver Ring, a set of diamond bracelets, a Girdle of the Titans, a charm bracelet, an Ironwood warmask, a steelweave surcoat, the stealth dartsheath, Gloves of Harvesting, a sturdy leather kitbag, a turquoise and amber beaded necklace, and goggles of whitesight. She wields a veritum-plated sitara in her left hand and a battle-worn iron shield in her right.
Profession: Predator
Player kills: 90
Deaths: 58
Arena rank: 85
Pvp rank: 101