Shou of Imperian

Information about Shou from Imperian

Name: Shou
Full name: Shou Agarwaen
City: Antioch
Guild: Idras
Towne: El'jazira
Level: 137
Bashing level: 152
Questing level: 103
Achievement points: 823
Pk level: 97
Xp rank: 1
Description: He is an athletic arel. He stands around the height of an average arel, the tips of his wings rising a bit higher behind him. A soft glow radiates from his translucent silver wings and his pale skin, his light brown eyes emitting a slightly darker hue. A sharp contrast to the dim radiance, his thick, jet black hair hangs loosely over his ears, hiding all but the pointed tips. His figure and posture hint at a lean and fit body underneath, a testament to a Predator's way of life. He is wearing 21 pocketbelts, a suit of leather armour, a steelweave surcoat, a fire pendant, 9 pocketbelts, the stache of the Conqueror, a charm bracelet, a silver-weave pack, an Icecloak Brooch, a tarnished coin medal, a macabre vialbelt of bloodworm skin, a silver keyring, a silver necklace adorned with a gnarled finger, an honorary shard donation badge, an earring of Gazali, the Bracers of the Resilient, a demon-hide cloak, a pair of Bracelets of Epiphany's Grace, a pair of Renascent Armguards, a liturgical symbol, a jack-o-lantern shaped bag, a preserver bag, a lucky clover, the stealth dartsheath, a Monocle of Acuity, a glittering ring of vitality, an Armband of Celerity, a Diadem of the Quickening, a tightly woven quiver, a ring of flying, a silver ring of meditation, Gloves of Harvesting, a ring of Sukhder's Fortune, a Scholar's Sash, a Truesilver Ring, Pixies' Boots, a Quicksilver Amulet, a hunter's belt, and a ring of Magick's Bane. He wields Insidian's Bane in his left hand and a truesilver shield in his right.
Profession: Predator
Player kills: 1125
Deaths: 1719
Arena rank: 111
Pvp rank: 14