Timo of Imperian

Information about Timo from Imperian

Name: Timo
Full name: Whisper of the Woods, Timo
City: Celidon
Guild: (none)
Towne: Dakker
Level: 70
Bashing level: 67
Questing level: 55
Achievement points: 61
Pk level: 1
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an intelligent sidhe. This sidhe has long white hair, green eyes and he seems to have a scar in his right hand. His eyes investigate the room, all the time. You notice a word written with blue ink to his left hand. It says "luonto", whatever that means. You notice a small blurry image of a catwalking behind him. The image is hard to describe, since it keeps changing the colour and form. Mostly it looks like a cat. Sometimes it is more like a fox ora wolf and sometimes a very big cat, like a lion. It does not seem to be real, since you hear no sounds from it, it has no shadow, and its presence is clearlyaffected by magick. This form keeps walking behind Timo, and when he is not walking, it sits on the ground, its tail wraping around it. Timo does not seem to be bothered from this. The eagle feather quill he has behind his ear makes him look pretty strange, so does the earring at his left ear.
Profession: Bard
Player kills: 0
Deaths: 1
Arena rank: 5397
Pvp rank: 0