Andorus of Imperian

Information about Andorus from Imperian

Name: Andorus
Full name: Lord Andorus Faris
City: Stavenn
Guild: Diavlous
Towne: Kragge
Level: 88
Bashing level: 89
Questing level: 65
Achievement points: 230
Pk level: 71
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an athletic sidhe. He is quite a dramatic figure. His facial features, once the image of an average Sidhe elf, have transformed due to his practition of the demonic arts, and become harsh and jagged. The slant of his nose and sharpness of his eyes gives him a constant scowl, but is misworn, for his eyes belie an inner kindness that emanates through his body language. His gray-flecked hair is kept long but neat, and ends in a ponytail in the mid of his back. His body, constructed of a stout, muscular build, has also been subject to his demonic practices, and has been warped and altered to better serve its purpose.
Profession: Deathknight
Player kills: 22
Deaths: 36
Arena rank: 492
Pvp rank: 0