Divanna of Imperian

Information about Divanna from Imperian

Name: Divanna
Full name: Eye of the Lioness, Divanna Askare, Onawa Kehu
City: Antioch
Guild: Sentinels
Towne: Whistlerock
Level: 88
Bashing level: 95
Questing level: 79
Achievement points: 484
Pk level: 72
Xp rank: 264
Description: She is a fast sylayan. She is only about 5 foot in hight. She has wonderfully braided hair that falls to the back of her knees. She has a set of Inkings that go around her gentle green eyes of a small arched "V" on its side at the corner of each eye. Through the center of the "V", is inked a straight line, with a single dot on either side, while her hair a nice blonde. Her small, fragile body is nicely tanned despite living in the northern winds. Despite her long hair you can still catch that there is a 6 inch scar going across her right shoulderblade and one going up her left side barely catching her breast, while there is a minor one on her right leg as well as her left arm. She is wearing a suit of chain mail, 30 pocketbelts, an antioch signet armband, 2 spiked nipple rings of sapphire, 9 pocketbelts, a bloodstained silver charm, a jack-o-lantern shaped bag, a tiny paw-print badge, a yeti fur parka, Gloves of Harvesting, an ornate silver Shinpachi necklace, a pocketbelt, an earring of Gazali, a crimson-embroidered silver leather vialbelt, a teak and aquamarine anklet, a chainmail helm, a pair of chainmail vambraces, a provocative red silk dress, a silver wolf-spirit ring, a deceptive cloak of lightning, a fluctuating crown of lightning, a pulsating choker of lightning, and a shifting anklet of lightning. She wields a buckler in her left hand and a truesilver javelin in her right.
Profession: Amazon
Player kills: 43
Deaths: 298
Arena rank: 191
Pvp rank: 205