Edmund of Imperian

Information about Edmund from Imperian

Name: Edmund
Full name: Edmund Darkstone
City: Antioch
Guild: Crusaders
Towne: (none)
Level: 101
Bashing level: 104
Questing level: 75
Achievement points: 414
Pk level: 78
Xp rank: 123
Description: He is an athletic wolkin. He stands average height for his race. His head is full of a mess of wild jet-black hair that is only a few inches in length. His sharp blue eyes have a piercing quality to them as they take in his surroundings. The rest of his face is of average quality for those of his race. His body is lean, but has good muscle tone from a life of activity. Something about the way he moves makes it seem as if he is shifting in and out of vision, making him hard to focus on. He is wearing a steelweave surcoat, a hunter's belt, a leather falconry glove, a hooded, sand colored robe, a glass bubble, a shifting anklet of the suns, a silk pack, a set of diamond bracelets, a diamond ring, a pocketbelt, a sleek black vialbelt, a charm bracelet, a black leather satchel, a quiver, a crimson healing crystal necklace, 4 pocketbelts, a black iron diadem, a ring of flying, a ring of Magick's Bane, a glittering ring of vitality, a Brooch of the Tempest, goggles of whitesight, a fluctuating crown of the suns, a shimmering suit of full plate armour, a plate helm, a pair of plated vambraces, and a pair of plate greaves. He wields a curved sabre in his left hand and a kite shield in his right.
Profession: Templar
Player kills: 113
Deaths: 141
Arena rank: 113
Pvp rank: 113