Sliff of Imperian

Information about Sliff from Imperian

Name: Sliff
Full name: Ephemeral Phantasm, Sliff Virs, Sanctuary of Sinners
City: Kinsarmar
Guild: Spectres
Towne: Tirhin
Level: 84
Bashing level: 87
Questing level: 73
Achievement points: 234
Pk level: 79
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an athletic ssylsin. Short for his race, this menacing looking man has been built for stealth and speed, his body spanning no taller than five feet. Jet black scales cover his entire body, each of them brushed with a hint of silver along each hexagonal edge, drawing attention to the long sinews of his broad shoulders and chest. The narrowness of his frame contributes to his overall appearance, a lack of nourishment visible upon his arms and spindly hands adorned with wickedly sharp claws. His serpentine head is shrouded in a halo of black tendrils, brushing against his sunken cheeks and chiseled nose. His eyes are his most prominent feature, casting thoughtful glances with emerald eyes which seem to have lost their healthy twinkle. Across his left eye, a crimson gash resembling the twining movements of a flame form a gapping scar. His slender tail sways slightly with each passing movement, as if reflecting his varying emotions. A ghost of a smile crosses his lips from time to time, a slight tug on the corner of his mouth conveying a sinister, yet playful smile as his forked-tongue flickers out unexpectedly to test the air.
Profession: Renegade
Player kills: 181
Deaths: 221
Arena rank: 631
Pvp rank: 0