Verexa of Imperian

Information about Verexa from Imperian

Name: Verexa
Full name: Verexa Talmarian, the Asphodel
City: Khandava
Guild: Saboteurs
Towne: Gadan
Level: 103
Bashing level: 104
Questing level: 80
Achievement points: 508
Pk level: 90
Xp rank: 81
Description: She is a strong sidhe. Verexa is rather petite as she stands at about 5'2". Her skin is as milky white as alabaster, blemish-free and slightly tinged with a healthy flush that spreads across her cheeks. Her full, bow-shaped lips, beneath a small and unremarkable nose, accentuate her razor-sharp cheekbones. Verexa's eyes are the colour of pale emeralds that glimmer beneath thick, dramatically arched eyebrows. The rest of her features are delicate and porcelain-like, complimenting her icy complexion. The softened curls in her long hair fall in thick layers down to her mid-back, the dark wine strands contrasting with her pale skin tone. Regardless of her age, she manages to maintain a supple figure with wide shoulders and hips but a narrow waist. Verexa's body and slender limbs are laced with jovial, elvish grace, weaving almost musically with each movement she makes. She is wearing a scrolling silver and amethyst pendant, a sturdy black vialbelt, a crude ruby amulet, a pink headband with bunny ears, a shadowtorc, a platinum-chased silver armband, a set of diamond bracelets, a sophisticated grey silk blouse, obsidian chainmail with gilt shoulder spikes, a vialbelt of black diamond-patterned silk, a steelweave surcoat, a hunter's belt, cropped black feminine trousers, a shadowcrown, an Entbeard, an amulet of the lunar eclipse, a fluctuating crown of ghosts, a shifting anklet of ghosts, a black leather pack, dainty snowy-white shoes with diamond bows, a deceptive cloak of ghosts, a spore pouch, a pulsating choker of ghosts, a whimsical platinum tiara, and an embossed black vialbelt. She wields a torturous jewel-adorned flail of ebony hue in her left hand and a kite shield in her right.
Profession: Defiler
Player kills: 240
Deaths: 163
Arena rank: 216
Pvp rank: 23