Mannix of Imperian

Information about Mannix from Imperian

Name: Mannix
Full name: Mannix Vuh'uni
City: Ithaqua
Guild: Sentinels
Towne: Agirni
Level: 76
Bashing level: 76
Questing level: 45
Achievement points: 89
Pk level: 1
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is a normal muamrite. He gets by at an average height of around five feet, nine inches tall. At first glance, his height is a misconception as his stature seems imposing. Dark burnt ginger colored hair is well groomed and slightly spiked atop his head. Strangely shaped, his nose crooks slightly at a downward angle stopping at a rigid point. His figure is sinewy and lean yet muscular and fit. Eyebrows, thick and bushy, canvas his brow in a curved shape. He has a small goatee that forms a square shaped figure around his mouth and chin. The color of his goatee is slightly lighter than the hair on his head and shines when emerged in bright light.
Profession: Outrider
Player kills: 0
Deaths: 2
Arena rank: 3250
Pvp rank: 0