Delrayne of Imperian

Information about Delrayne from Imperian

Name: Delrayne
Full name: Asasiyun Delrayne Vaz'rias
City: Ithaqua
Guild: Idras
Towne: (none)
Level: 100
Bashing level: 101
Questing level: 79
Achievement points: 522
Pk level: 79
Xp rank: 143
Description: He is a fast wolkin. Tall and elegant in bearing, this elven predator seems always to be standing in shadow. Long, silver-blond hair is tied back from his face, and is allowed to fall freely behind his well-muscled shoulders. High cheekbones and a strong jaw complement the overall masculine cast of his chiseled, aristocratic features. His large, intelligent eyes are steely gray in hue, and seem to wear an expression of relaxed but wary alertness at all times. A toned, well-proportioned physique gives evidence of many years of arduous training and outdoor life, and his swift and silent footsteps give chilling testimony to his long acquaintance with the deadlier forms of stealth and subterfuge. His posture is casual, almost nonchalant, yet a careful observer would notice that his hands never stray far from one of his weapons. His face and hands are tanned from long exposure to the elements, his long, tapering fingers displaying the calluses of a practiced bowman. He is wearing a hunter's belt, an icewyrm dartsheath, a fitted shirt of night black wool, a steelweave surcoat, a leather helm, inky black leather combat boots, a sleek black leather wrist sheath, a pair of leather greaves, sleek black leather trousers, a Diadem of the Quickening, a sleek black vialbelt, a wyrmskin pack, a suit of leather armour, a pair of leather vambraces, a pocketbelt, a set of diamond bracelets, and a fur-lined black leather cloak. He wields a Deathwind sitara in his left hand and a mithril shield in his right.
Profession: Predator
Player kills: 97
Deaths: 101
Arena rank: 131
Pvp rank: 86