Jorachim of Imperian

Information about Jorachim from Imperian

Name: Jorachim
Full name: Marksman Jorachim Stonefang
City: Ithaqua
Guild: Wardens
Towne: En'aruna
Level: 101
Bashing level: 103
Questing level: 82
Achievement points: 514
Pk level: 79
Xp rank: 134
Description: He is a strong lycaean. Though age has slowly taken root in this wolf, he still has a youthful exuberance. He stands tall and proud, shoulders back and square, an aura of confidence emanating from him. He rises a good head and a half taller than average for those of his race, his large body proportional to his height. His is primarily covered in dark, smoky grey fur, which shifts in hue subtly. His coat is dusty and coarse, though mostly clean. His chest and midsection boasts a softer, lighter grey fur. Two white lines of fur streak up his forehead, staring at the ridge of his brow and fading at the back of his skull. He has bright lupine eyes, the iris of either being brown with black flecks which shine with intelligence and humour. His face bears various scars from his many battles, the old wounds lightly visible through the sparce fur that grows around them. When he speaks, he rarely looks directly at the person he is addressing, instead preferring to stare off into the distance, his eyes rarely focused unless making a point. His voice rumbles out from his chest, his words rising and falling gracefully with deep tones as he speaks. He has an easy grin, the wolfish gesture showing many a canine tooth, all white and well-tended, a hint of the perfectionist underneath the easy exterior. His stance is open and relaxed, naturally at ease, his grip on his weapons and his demeanor languid, his movements fluid and graceful.
Profession: Ranger
Player kills: 122
Deaths: 145
Arena rank: 354
Pvp rank: 65