Macie of Imperian

Information about Macie from Imperian

Name: Macie
Full name: Starlit Beauty, Macie Shaolar, Storm's Heart
City: Celidon
Guild: Stormweavers
Towne: Kipos
Level: 83
Bashing level: 85
Questing level: 79
Achievement points: 318
Pk level: 58
Xp rank: 437
Description: She is a strong dryad. She is slight of form with a small frame and slender limbs. Despite her diminutive stature she still carries elegant curves that seem perfectly proportional to her size. Her velvety skin has clearly seen sun though it appears to not hold much of a color leaving her with a soft, lightened fawn color. Slightly curled ebony hair falls freely about her shoulders, the lustrous locks gleaming with a healthy sheen. Delicate facial features highlight her expressive face. A petite nose sits above lush light rosy lips while faintly arched eyebrows frame her wide, mischievous eyes. Full of innocence and curiosity her eyes are quite noticeable. Her right eye has a vibrant starburst of violet which surrounds her pupil and is set against a deep sapphire color. Her left eye is painted a brilliant emerald color, swirls of silver vines glitter in the light. She is playful and most times smiling, her charming dimples pulling at her cheeks. She is wearing a lucky clover, glittering silver stardust nailpaint, 18 pocketbelts, silver flaked black kohl, a platinum-chased silver armband, a delicate light green carnation, Gauntlets of Aesir, a spiralling obsidian armband, a wyrmskin pack, shimmering black fairy wings, a black spyglass painted with silver stars, a sapphire encrusted love bracelet, a star-shaped mark of Cassiopeia, a crude ruby amulet, a deceptive cloak of lightning, a twilight blue rose adorned with a bit of black ribbon, a white rose tied with a bit of green ribbon, a tiny glittering star, a charm bracelet, goggles of whitesight, a tiny paw-print badge, a black leather vialbelt, a star sapphire earring, 4 pocketbelts, a crystallized black rose, a scarlet sunflower with a black center, a black spidersilk bodice, a black and silver ruffle skirt, delicate silver sandals with knee length straps, and a friendship charm bracelet. She wields a hardened quarterstaff of the Wilds in her hands.
Profession: Druid
Player kills: 10
Deaths: 34
Arena rank: 697
Pvp rank: 288