Cassie of Imperian

Information about Cassie from Imperian

Name: Cassie
Full name: Cassie Amakiir
City: Celidon
Guild: (none)
Towne: Trabine
Level: 80
Bashing level: 82
Questing level: 71
Achievement points: 180
Pk level: 49
Xp rank: 0
Description: She is a strong ssylsin. Resembling a small Sidhe this tiny Ssylsin could almost fool anyone. Her little size does not hold her back, reaching the height of just under five feet tall, she can still hold her own. She has a slender torso and limbs which end in small, well groomed hands and feet, each finger and toenail having been painted elegant shade of amethyst. Her soft ivory skin is mottled with various sized patches of scales. Shifting shades of violet, emerald, and cerulean standout against her pale skin. Each petite scale shines, reflecting all available light, adding intensity and luster to their color. Her girlish face is quite angelic despite her large, piercing eyes. Her face is mostly bare of scales and extremely humanoid in appearance and shape as is much of the rest of her form. She has soft, full lips that are almost always turned up into a smile, outlining her pearly teeth and showing off her dainty dimples. Though, while her smile is more than charming, one cannot help but notice her elongated incisors which look much more like fangs than teeth, the sharp menacing points forever present, even when her lips are posed in a pout. She has thin, arching eyebrows and long alluring lashes which surround her intense eyes. Standing out in an almost shocking contrast to her otherwise feminine form, her eyes burn with a predatory lust. Encasing the slitted pupil of each eye is a deep violet color while the outer rim of the iris is a glittering emerald. The two colors bleed into each other making over lapping patterns, akin to that of lightning in the sky. Much like her scales her eyes seem to shift in color as her pupils fluctuate, taking in all her surroundings. Keeping her hair short she sports a messily kept mohawk, her ebony hair still present on the sides but left very sparse while the center of her head is stripped with a line of three inch long hair. Her long tail, which is the only part of her body completely covered in scales, is most times swaying behind her or lazily wrapped around one of her legs.
Profession: Druid
Player kills: 3
Deaths: 9
Arena rank: 2999
Pvp rank: 0