Kywen of Imperian

Information about Kywen from Imperian

Name: Kywen
Full name: Kywen Iyavere
City: Kinsarmar
Guild: Bards
Towne: Kaark'krazul
Level: 80
Bashing level: 82
Questing level: 65
Achievement points: 125
Pk level: 32
Xp rank: 0
Description: She is an intelligent sidhe. Slight of build and just on the shorter end of the scale, there is a decided softness to her appearance. She sports a slim delicacy, slender limbs and long-fingered, nimble hands adding maturity to her slight, subtle curves. A graceful neck supports elegant, refined features: a small nose, high, prominent cheekbones, a soft jaw, full, pink lips, and a high brow over wide, faraway eyes of stormy grey. Flyaway, ash brown hair frames her features and spills down her back, haphazardly bound with a careless forgetfulness that does little to tame it. Ink smears and flecks dot her pale skin, and there is a distracted air to her demeanour.
Profession: Bard
Player kills: 1
Deaths: 8
Arena rank: 6935
Pvp rank: 0