Pahm of Imperian

Information about Pahm from Imperian

Name: Pahm
Full name: Pahm S'Sylistha
City: Antioch
Guild: Inquisition
Towne: (none)
Level: 81
Bashing level: 84
Questing level: 1
Achievement points: 200
Pk level: 61
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an athletic ssylsin. He is featureless, his face obscured entirely by a mask of dark, blackened iron. Secured at the back by a multitude of frayed, grey hide straps, the mask extends from his brow to his jaw and prevents any glimpse of what might be his face. Contoured slightly and roughened in places, the mask is without expression, giving him an eerie, distant stare. Under the dark metal, supple, bone-white scaling clings to his whip-like frame. Worn smooth from long exposure to the harsh arctic winds, the natural boundaries of his armor have blurred over time, leaving him sheathed in the supple, bone-hued scale. A smoky, grey pattern winds and swirls across every inch of his exposed flesh, the tribal marks intertwined with a multitude of thin, crimson scars that cut haphazardly across his weathered skin in spidery lines. Strong hands absently clench and unclench, the supple, weathered plating bending easily to accommodate the movements of his dexterous fingers, each black-tipped digit moving independently of the others. He moves with startling ease and grace, giving no audible hint of his presence as he shifts cautiously from foot to foot, his movements smooth and measured. His chest barely rises and falls with each faint breath that passes the edges of his hidden mouth, the quiet whisper hardly audible behind the blackened iron of his mask. His long, sinuous tail sways low, its tapered point drifting easily about his ankles. It is covered in the same supple, bone-white scales that coat the rest of his body, and accented by strange crimson markings adorn the head of his tail, twisting to wind part of the way down the strong, sinuous limb. He shifts idly, the stoic, expressionless features of the tenebrous mask staring eerily outwards.
Profession: Predator
Player kills: 20
Deaths: 37
Arena rank: 516
Pvp rank: 0