Caius of Imperian

Information about Caius from Imperian

Name: Caius
Full name: Caius Kei'daan
City: Antioch
Guild: Avengers
Towne: El'jazira
Level: 105
Bashing level: 106
Questing level: 82
Achievement points: 278
Pk level: 68
Xp rank: 115
Description: He is a fast muamrite. A swath of dark hair is brushed aside his face while the rest is gathered into a small tail. Bight blue eyes have been defined with dusty chalk lines and yes, a commanding moustache has been routinely maintained here. It is an impressive brush reminiscent of a dark raven's wings bending to the sides of his face and perfectly angular. Marked by the passage of time his hair has become increasingly streaked wih grey. He is completely naked.
Profession: Monk
Player kills: 5
Deaths: 17
Arena rank: 719
Pvp rank: 219