Eira of Imperian

Information about Eira from Imperian

Name: Eira
Full name: Eira
City: Antioch
Guild: Wardancers
Towne: (none)
Level: 69
Bashing level: 74
Questing level: 42
Achievement points: 53
Pk level: 38
Xp rank: 0
Description: She is an athletic muamrite. She has deeply tanned skin with a curvaceous shape and lean muscles found throughout her body. Dark brown hair is sectioned off into a mass of thick plaits, each tied off with a thick golden leather thong. Her mysterious deep brown eyes are set into a simple face. She is wearing a revealing dress of black velvet, a pair of black stiletto boots, a midnight black velvet cloak, black leather climbing gloves, an obsidian belted leather coat, a plain grey vialbelt, and a suit of chain mail. She wields a sleek javelin in her left hand and a cavalry shield in her right.
Profession: Amazon
Player kills: 0
Deaths: 0
Arena rank: 5891
Pvp rank: 0