Drozogoth of Imperian

Information about Drozogoth from Imperian

Name: Drozogoth
Full name: Dark Councilor, Drozogoth De'Linguilette
City: Stavenn
Guild: Diavlous
Towne: Blackthorne
Level: 79
Bashing level: 79
Questing level: 65
Achievement points: 148
Pk level: 56
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is a clever ssylsin. He stands 5'11, with a slight slink to his step. His scales shaded of mottled white marble, translucently shaded by dull green veins that seem to lick over the surface of his sleek body. Long, lean and sinewy limbs stretch over sharp, well defined bones. He is built lean, with small, tightly packaged muscle groups. His maw is narrow, with a tapered , sharp nose. A dull grey facet seperates his lip from the rest of the scaled pattern. On either sides of his head, flared, grooved pits give this serpent an edged, dangerous look. His eyes rest as bright veridian, slitted orbs, whilst you notice his left eye has red, broken lines running through it's glint, should you catch it in the right light. His tail extends slenderly outwards from his tailbone, snaking expertly his movements. His hood is flared, but tightly membraned to his shoulders, barring ebony and red bands. Color permutation changes in his scales near the facial region, flaking to a metallic, dark green feathering, bridging in his face.
Profession: Diabolist
Player kills: 4
Deaths: 16
Arena rank: 704
Pvp rank: 0