Siath of Imperian

Information about Siath from Imperian

Name: Siath
Full name: Siath Wyrdim
City: Ithaqua
Guild: Dunestriders
Towne: En'aruna
Level: 124
Bashing level: 128
Questing level: 100
Achievement points: 698
Pk level: 93
Xp rank: 12
Description: He is an athletic fallen. His figure can be measured to roughly six-feet in height. Alert, deep-blue eyes glances out from their sockets above his small nose, defined mouth and a distinct jaw. Chestnut-colored hair covers his head and even though shortly cut the areas of grey is clearly visible throughout it. Although commonly built, his body seems firm and strong, the muscles defined, yet flexible. Artificial wings rests on his back, constantly burning as if they erupts, providing a soft glow around his form.
Profession: Berserker
Player kills: 275
Deaths: 81
Arena rank: 9
Pvp rank: 20