Siath of Imperian

Information about Siath from Imperian

Name: Siath
Full name: Siath Wyrdim
City: Ithaqua
Guild: Dunestriders
Towne: En'aruna
Level: 123
Bashing level: 126
Questing level: 100
Achievement points: 698
Pk level: 93
Xp rank: 14
Description: He is a fast arel. Standing roughly six feet tall, nothing in particular draws your attention further towards his common appearance. His fit and muscular body seems to be an result of constant training: the expression in his alert, piercing azure-blue eyes indicates of training beyond the mere physical. Nothing that resembles hair can be found upon his head, covered instead by symbols, leaving his ears exposed on both sides. His wings rests behind him, constantly burning, providing a soft glow around his form.
Profession: Templar
Player kills: 273
Deaths: 80
Arena rank: 8
Pvp rank: 22