Nyvias of Imperian

Information about Nyvias from Imperian

Name: Nyvias
Full name: Nyvias
City: (none)
Guild: Wardens
Towne: (none)
Level: 77
Bashing level: 78
Questing level: 51
Achievement points: 73
Pk level: 57
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an intelligent sylayan. He is a tall young man, his body lean and muscular. His face is slightly angular, with cheekbones set high on his face, and a spare bit of stubble on his chin. A few strands of black hair fall lose over his fair skin, the rest swept back and down to his shoulders in a messy wave. Above a slightly upturned nose rest two green eyes, slight streaks of brown rummaging through the pupils. While not appearing frail, his body is tuned more for speed and grace, his limbs noticably long but not ungainly so. The insides of his hands are worn and several shades darker than the surrounding skin, and several scars cover his hands and forearms.
Profession: Ranger
Player kills: 2
Deaths: 3
Arena rank: 2120
Pvp rank: 0