Elrith of Imperian

Information about Elrith from Imperian

Name: Elrith
Full name: Elrith Mjollnir
City: Kinsarmar
Guild: Spectres
Towne: Pabin'aquinumi
Level: 120
Bashing level: 125
Questing level: 96
Achievement points: 542
Pk level: 87
Xp rank: 18
Description: He is a fast asuwan. He stands almost 6 feet tall. He's nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to his facial appearance, an face easily forgotten. He is of light brown skin, which seems to be an result of sparingly tanning, while his hairless head is much paler. Commonly built for an Asuwan, even though he's rather wide across the shoulders. He is wearing a steelweave surcoat, goggles of whitesight, a vialbelt of mithril kegs, a silver ring of meditation, a set of diamond bracelets, a preserver bag, a diamond ring, 14 pocketbelts, a tightly woven quiver, a pair of Renascent Armguards, a wyrmskin pack, a shifting anklet of ghosts, a pulsating choker of the Five Towers, a shifting anklet of the Five Towers, a deceptive cloak of the Five Towers, a fluctuating crown of the Five Towers, the Flaming beardstache, a hunter's belt, a shimmering suit of full plate armour, a charm bracelet, a ring of Magick's Bane, a glass bubble, a jack-o-lantern shaped bag, an Icecloak Brooch, the Spectacles of Tomast, a lucky clover, a crude ruby amulet, a deceptive cloak of ghosts, and a Diadem of the Quickening. He walks with the highfavour of the Sect of the Eternal Flame.
Profession: Runeguard
Player kills: 248
Deaths: 120
Arena rank: 135
Pvp rank: 44