Syranas of Imperian

Information about Syranas from Imperian

Name: Syranas
Full name: Sir Syranas Murne, Staff of Winter
City: Kinsarmar
Guild: Vindicators
Towne: Kaark'krazul
Level: 86
Bashing level: 93
Questing level: 76
Achievement points: 303
Pk level: 64
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an athletic dwarf. He has a long beard braided into two braids both going down to rest on his round belly. Each braid is anchered by an obsidion coloured bead. He is pudgy with a large belly which extends over his belt. He has a large nose, and his eyes give off a soft icy-blue glow. He has long brown hair in a pony tail so he can fight without it getting in the way. He has large hands and large feet. and his face is concealed by his beard.
Profession: Runeguard
Player kills: 17
Deaths: 77
Arena rank: 449
Pvp rank: 0