Vazcek of Imperian

Information about Vazcek from Imperian

Name: Vazcek
Full name: Vazcek
City: Khandava
Guild: (none)
Towne: (none)
Level: 74
Bashing level: 77
Questing level: 57
Achievement points: 41
Pk level: 1
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is a strong muamrite. Vazcek seems a creature born and bred for conflict, a lineage of violence written in the firm lines of his impassive form; each and every inch of his musculature frame rendered as steel beneath hide the colour of rosewood. He stands with an ominous measure of height, his form beholden of a hardened quality, while his shoulders remain squared in accent of a posture that is both impeccable and militaristic. Its hue akin to centuries-old blood or the dark rust at the razored edge of a blade, a mane of shadowed auburn cascades about his firm-boned features to terminate between his shoulderblades in even more atramentous shades. From beneath auburn brows, the slant to his eyes lends an air of the exotic to his visage, their colour an ephemerally deep cobalt that seems flecked in palest gold. The muamrite's features are intense in their imperial definition, handsome in their fierce determination and ruthless aesthetic. While his features have not lost their inherent value, scars brindle his shoulders in a silent testament to years spent beneath the lash, while others seem as if normative to those who would live and die with sword in hand. It seems that an ominous seal traces intricate lines upon the back of his sword-hand, while similar lines in dark ink depict crossed halberds between and branching over his shoulders, infernal weapons held within a circle of seven hellish stars.
Profession: Defiler
Player kills: 0
Deaths: 0
Arena rank: 6234
Pvp rank: 0