Diana of Imperian

Information about Diana from Imperian

Name: Diana
Full name: Peaceful Lily of the Desert Diana Shinpachi, of the Second Order
City: Antioch
Guild: Dunestriders
Towne: (none)
Level: 101
Bashing level: 102
Questing level: 77
Achievement points: 356
Pk level: 35
Xp rank: 124
Description: She is an athletic akrabi. She is five feet six inches tall and of average stature. Her light skin appears to be glowing in the sunlight amid long dark brown hair flowing down her back.Her hands dangle at her sides and on her left arm is a small insignia that she pokes at from time to time. Her small nose and cute reddish lips give her an innocent yet mysterious look as her mouth is turned upward into a smile as she daintily looks out into the world. She is wearing a lion-emblazoned arm band, a pair of chainmail greaves, a chainmail helm, a set of silver bracelets, an icy hued blouse of velvet, a pair of chainmail vambraces, a suit of splint mail, a sheer deep blue lace garter belt, a sapphire inlaid hairpin, a banded shield, a cheerful yellow silk dress, a Tear of Shallah, iridescent opal rose hairsticks, a charming gold teddy bear amulet, a charm bracelet, a scarab claw earring, a delicate sari of lavender silk, a pink vialbelt with glass butterflies, a red onyx Dragonfly brooch, held in place by Divine Will, a small, baby blue, opalescent cloud, a pocketbelt, and a hunter's belt. She is holding a kite shield in her right hand.
Profession: Priest
Player kills: 2
Deaths: 89
Arena rank: 4652
Pvp rank: 348