Juganothion of Imperian

Information about Juganothion from Imperian

Name: Juganothion
Full name: Warlord Juganothion Gazali
City: Stavenn
Guild: Revenants
Towne: Blackthorne
Level: 103
Bashing level: 97
Questing level: 75
Achievement points: 396
Pk level: 97
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an intelligent sidhe. He is a towering figure with a demonic build. His once fair skin has toughened from the transformation, almost resembling wyrmskin. His face, seeminly setin stone, appears emotionless, except for his deepset eyes, of which the irises blaze with the fires of the inferno. Demonic wings, leathery in look, span out from his shoulders, almost equal in length to his actual form. His hair, typically black, has turned a startling white, with only a hint of his true color seen in a random strand here and there. He is wearing a Girdle of the Titans, a silver ring of meditation, a simple ring of silver, a shining ring, a Demonic Sigil, a pair of dark crimson wings, Acrobatic Boots, the shroud of Death, a deck of Tarot cards, a set of diamond bracelets, a diamond ring, a carved ivory moon shard band, a silver crown inlaid with amethysts, 7 pocketbelts, a vermilion viper armband, the Periapt of the Vitani, a Collar of Diablerie, a fire pendant, a Quicksilver Amulet, a lucky clover, a Prism Pouch, a silver keyring, a steelweave surcoat, a sigil of the Felreign, a crude ruby amulet, and an Imperial ring of the Ephors. He wields a mithril shield in his left hand and a jar of maggots in his right.
Profession: Summoner
Player kills: 575
Deaths: 116
Arena rank: 57
Pvp rank: 0