Kayden of Imperian

Information about Kayden from Imperian

Name: Kayden
Full name: Sai Kayden Bellor, Vengeant Fist
City: Khandava
Guild: Diavlous
Towne: Gadan
Level: 101
Bashing level: 99
Questing level: 77
Achievement points: 442
Pk level: 88
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is a clever akrabi. He is a remarkably fit and apparently young man. Strong, broad shoulders lead into muscular arms that move with purpose beside his well-toned torso. Nearly six feet in height, he stands tall and proud, nearly always at attention. His entire form is the result of years of training, evident by the discipline he exudes with his quiet confidence. His carapace is a collection of desert colors, splashed and strewn about and over each other resulting in a natural sort of camoflage. From the dry and sandstone colors of the sands, to the lush green and entrancing crimson hues of the foliage and hills of the Shaahri, it would appear that he could easily blend in ith his surrounding environment. His facial appearance is hidden altogether, locked away behind a mask of brilliant white porcelain and void of any notable features. Small recesses are all that marks his eyes as his tail becomes the focal point of his figure to most, almost perpetually swaying behind him in ominous silence.
Profession: Summoner
Player kills: 430
Deaths: 93
Arena rank: 90
Pvp rank: 0