Luthyr of Imperian

Information about Luthyr from Imperian

Name: Luthyr
Full name: Magistrate Luthyr Lokrien, Shield of the Empire
City: Stavenn
Guild: Noctusari
Towne: Annona
Level: 104
Bashing level: 105
Questing level: 90
Achievement points: 359
Pk level: 79
Xp rank: 125
Description: He is an athletic sylayan. Time and exertion are beginning to show in his features. Despite the hours of traveling Aetherius, he has maintained a pale complexion which is marred with scars frequently as you examine him. Hair, which was once a rich black, is beginning to grey at the temples and is tucked neatly behind pointed ears and formed into a ponytail. Pale blue eyes scan deliberately around him and are constantly alert to even the slightest movements. His movements are done with grace and seem to follow a rhythm which only he can hear. Straight back and his head tilted up, he appears to be quite arrogant. However, as eyes meet his, a ready smile seems to always be available. Pausing every once and a while to rest his chin on his well-callused hand, a brand of a serpent coiled around a dagger is revealed on his right wrist. Intermittently, he exhales a soft chuckle which seems to have no source of amusement or intended audience. He is wearing a simple ring of silver, a Sukhder, Moon of Terror pendant, a Wytchen bracelet of intricately woven rope, a leather ink pouch embossed with runes, a Quicksilver Amulet, a shifting anklet of the cyclone, a black leather shoulder scabbard, a bloodstone ring of the Malignists, a money pouch, a rugged ebony leather pack, a silver-bound amethyst pendant, a vialbelt of truesilver kegs, a dusky suit of Stygian full plate, a skeletal ring, goggles of whitesight, a vermilion viper armband, a plate helm, a pair of plate greaves, 6 pocketbelts, a plain wooden talisman, a deceptive cloak of a cyclone, a steelweave surcoat, a pair of plated vambraces, polished black military boots, a fluctuating crown of the cyclone, a charm bracelet, a formal ebon uniform shirt, a glass bubble, a pulsating choker of the cyclone, a deck of Tarot cards, a silver philosopher's ring, sharply creased ebon dress pants, a quiver, and a golden ring of the Lokrien crest. He wields a lunar shield in his left hand and a mithril longsword in his right.
Profession: Deathknight
Player kills: 90
Deaths: 58
Arena rank: 424
Pvp rank: 121