Pypo of Imperian

Information about Pypo from Imperian

Name: Pypo
Full name: Pypo
City: Khandava
Guild: Revenants
Towne: (none)
Level: 66
Bashing level: 69
Questing level: 31
Achievement points: 33
Pk level: 1
Xp rank: 598
Description: He is a normal gargoyle. He is wearing a shadowcrown, an ash wood quiver, a fanged torc of black platinum, a hunter's belt, a shadowring, a shadowtorc, a Collar of Pyralis, and a bison hide robe. He is holding a cavalry shield in his right hand.
Profession: Summoner
Player kills: 0
Deaths: 1
Arena rank: 6164
Pvp rank: 595