Virtual Pet Options in the Top MUDs

A Diabolist from Imperian

 In Iron Realm's top MUDs, classes make use of the ability to summon loyal entities of different varieties--perhaps a falcon or a snake. These can be invaluable not only for combat, but also inspiration for roleplay. There are some who look down on 'Pet RP',  which often just ends up being owner speaking through and to their animal. This can seem rather one-sided as it is essentially means that this person is just talking to himself! This does not have to be the extent of the interaction, however.


Many classes can and do make use of all kinds of mounts. Everything from stubborn mules to tigers, to wyverns and chimeras. With a few lessons the creatures one can vault upon and survey the realm from is an innumerable list. Some have exotic defining features, some can fly, and many will need to be fed. They can be named and attributed with a personality all their own. They become our stalwart partners through thick or thin, and sometimes their deficiencies can make them the laughing stock of our combat parties (the author will refrain from mentioning a certain Achaean roc here). For a few or many gold sovereigns we can enrich our experience a little further with one of these mounts.


Another cheaper option in many IRE games is the mini pet. Bought with a few thousand gold, these are the small animals like cats, dogs, lizards and birds. They tend to have a favourite food that will illicit a reaction unique to their type and some of them can even be trained. These start out at the ‘baby’ stage and grow over a period of years. Eventually, if they are not slaughtered by some foul evil-doer, they reach a ripe old age and die. The opportunities for roleplay are often small ones. Perhaps a scolding for allowing your text dog to relieve himself upon the House leader’s priceless carpet, or a laugh with a novice about naming your creature, or even a bonding between a few friends when beloved Odif dies and needs to be buried on his favourite island. While these interactions are on a very small scale, they can be recounted later, laughed at, or remembered fondly over a pint.


Lastly,  for the heavy hitters and lucky folk, there are the PET pets, the ones that start at a small fortune and go up and up in price from there. These have a great many more possibilities than the mini pets or even the mounts. For a price, you can make them flying, sentient, mountable or even invincible. The sky and your imagination are the limits. They can react to others if you wish, speak, send tells, and even fight beside you. You can create something that fits your character, a creature that has meaning and a story to go with him. Since they can be made invincible, they need not die and, even if they do, they will return to you in time so that your investment is never lost. These creatures will be your companions through everything, whether you like it or not.


Pets and mounts are a small aside for most of us, but even small opportunities can define our characters, create possibilities and spark ideas for others. They are yet another aspect that can further enrich our text lives.


Author: Lianca of Achaea

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Flair's zombie elephant is pretty fun.

Another credit that I should, but won't, be using to rune my jakari.

I don;t even have my falcon yet.

Don't like the orb pets or the thera shop pets. But custom pets are very nice and I do like them alot, eventhough i don't have one myself

Alavan is just awsome and really fits my rp. Thanks Eventru!

I like my wyvern and chimera mounts


It was definitely the most frivolous thing I ever spent credits on! But I love it, and I love that it's completely unique.

I think pet RP can be rather interesting. In MKO, there's a danger of overplaying it, as I'm sure is true elsewhere.

I abuse it and try to make things less awkward with comic relief.

The SoW has some interesting pets.

I saw Lilliel and was quite surprised to see she owned a magot infested 3-legged cat who is male and named princess... But it really added to her whole creville phsycho persona hehe and effectively so. I will never forget a pet and owner combination such as that!

My character approached having a pet as not ever wanting one -- a Druid shouldn't "own" a creature. I got ahold of a hydra, found to be a willing mount and recently received a salamander as a small companion.

Bottom line is that they are expensive, but the variety of existing pets is amazing. The neatest ones are the Itinerant Bazaar's collection as well as the Shop of Wonder's selection.

sounds neat

It is really nice to have something that belongs to you and is completely unique.

just a thought lusternia's pets have some utility  but, what I can remember from aetolia those are just rp divices.  I think more people would be apt to buy if utility was thrown in there aetolia.

I'm really impressed with some of the pets people have in Achaea - amazing reactions and verbs!


I love my Tasur fishing cat.

I want a cat... But Mhaldor seems to be filled with an abundance of them. I want something somewhat different :(

Some really cool custom pets straight out of awesome fantasy novels and the like.  I want a Rancor.

i always thought a giant bug that spits flaming acid would be awesome as a mount, but I can't imagine spending the credits to get one that can be used in other more beneficial ways.

At this point, I think I have too many pets. But they stay in my inventory for the most part, so it's not such a big deal.

Doesn't that itch?

Taint wyrms are cool. Anything sinuous, really.

sounds unpleasant

I got yer taint worm right here!

This sounds dirty.

I want a pet pig that wouldn't die if someone punched him :(

But it would be tasty tasty really expensive bacon


Does anyone know if Minipets can be customised further? That would be pretty neat right?

I don't see why not

I think that by the time you spend that many credits, may as well buy a normal one.

Otter sandwich anyone?

I want a crow/eagle/nightmare hybrid.. heh

I wish pets were cheaper. I'd totally get a custom mount on every character, then!

I have a pet goblin

and i always forget the name of it...

If I had waaaaaaay too many credits and felt like making something custom, it'd probably an oversized, undead rat.

my monkey doesnt require a diaper



Not sure what they add and there are some attrocious ones out there.


Amnesia pets are op

Are they? I've forgotten.

hah, yes, invincible amnesia pets are a pain in the behind.

that sounds very OP.

how many of them can you have?



and probably boring. i'd imagine their poop are also invisible.

If/when I make a pet, I'd wanna go with something like a young Jinouga from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd...Jin is just sooooo badass, and it'd be cool to have something like him, even if not EXACTLY a full-grown Jinouga.

Jin's awesome, but I think if I made a MH monster as my pet, it'd have to be Lagiacrus from Tri.

Cause Agnus is cool.

A pet sheep.

... does that count? Ewald, a winged mountain ram, who snacks on Karma items and is an obnoxious pain in the ass. Gives me a break from the Knight RP.


Also, pets are the best way to store gold!


If it's killed won't it drop your gold?

Not if it's a pet that can't be killed (which is the only type of pet someone should keep gold in).

Banks are the best way to store gold. Pets are the second best.

banks charge you to withdraw though and banks don't follow you around.

Pets can be stolen from though. Or could, I guess, since now they nerfed theft. Pets also can get lost though if you don't have a platinum whistle. I used to keep all my gold in my swallow, but I'd drop it and forget to pick it up...then I'd have to wait 30 minutes to an hour before it reset.

I didn't know about the theft potential before. 

Ewald is awesome!

Charcoal hippogriff is the best non-custom pet imo.

Arian's rainbow haired mammoth. cute.

That looks just like subdivision rats.







I like the rp a pet can grant but, some utility is good too.  Love Lusternia's beasts and beastmastery skillset.


waiting waiting waiting on pet

I have a tarantula named Translator (only one person might get the joke) and a kitten named Deestabber (because 'Dirk' and 'Dagger' were unavailable). Naming pets is fun!


A giant platypus.

I know someone who would love to have a pet sheep, they'd never leave their home if they had it.

ew? I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means.

afraid so, afraid.. so.

we have war goats in lusternia would that be close enough?

I want a war goat. Not in game. Just, a huge goat. With armour. That I ride to the store to get smokes.










That's just puncutation!

I don't think a caret is considered punctuation, but it's simpler than attempting to think of something original to say when the words I'd want to say have already been said.

This has been the only new article in like 3 weeks.  Everything has already been said.  :D

to now read "3 months."



poor sheep

One that I always wanted, as sort of a custom pet, is a little tabby housecat with red tiger stripes to follow me around, then when I say, "Keeta, ((it's name)) transform!" it'll change to a giant warcat beast. :)

neat ideawould that be a reaction or what?

Reminds me of Cringer the scaredy cat!


I desisgned that, Thallia. And I love my wyrm with shadowy wings too much to want anything else.

It be time for new articles

Hey, I can jump through hoops like a good boy.

need more lessons in riding so i can get a legendary steed or something

need more lessons in riding so i can get a legendary steed or something

I'd like to turn my mount into a pet.

You can't do that in aetolia?  we can in lusternia...for a price of corse.

doesn't look like it

for a new article.

Me too

Me three

Me four.


and eighty nine.

one hundred and ninety



soon soon.

Always wanted a panther.... but have a collared tiger as well as an otter and fawn - so its not really worth it. I also have a majestic stag, silver reindeer and falcon..... quite an entourage!

No satisfaction until you have the whole zoo following you around.

haha. zoo.

still waiting :)

And waiting.




my class gets no pet, and I am poor.


Someday this might have some relevance to me, I guess

some people just have to many pets and  then it gets irritating and stupid

can't those classes that have lots of pets mask them so you're not spammed or did you mean in a combative sense?

mildly amused at the pet rocks you can buy.

Hah, that's funny.

pet rocks rock!

This article went someway towards financing my pet! Louie the vulture now exists and I am proud as punch.

I want a pet rock

See if you can get the one with the little top hat.


because of the great hunt I got to lvl 99! 8D

Bring on the pet icewyrms!

Yes, yes it is.

I wonder if there will be any new ones.

New things are terrible.


lets bring dinosaurs to achaea and make a dinosaur pet haha


We should have a Jurassic Park island.

Would that somehow fit Achaea? I've never really  played there.

Lupe has an interesting idea, actually.. Dino-Achaeans

or at least, there are too many pets just laying around, chasing other pets tails.

Text pets are for text laughs if I read this text article correctly?


Maybe not.

pet ever.

is this article still here?




lame right?

Magine riding around on a giant dung beetle.

bugs ick!

second that



It will be useful, fun, and it will fit well with who I am.

Meaning basically... I don't think I'm ever going to get a pet unless I become more obtrusive.

Meaning that some day I may switch class, and if I do, I might consider getting a pet then.

I'm getting impatient waiting for my crow to hatch.


Hatched. But not actually useful, yet.

I think incubation usualy lasts a month. be sure to pre-pay stable prices so it doesn't die emedietly for a few months ahead just incase.

still no pets

It'd be interesting to turn yourself into a mount if you are big enough creature.

Kind of like transmogrification?

that would be fun

I think for years a log of Dragons in Acheae asked for that ability, given that then (I don't know about currenly) they couldn't ride mounts while in dragonform.

time for a new topic.

Thusly, it shall be.




here is a list of what minipet things we can get in aetolia with iron coins! :D


a gargoyle pet  
a black scorpion                     
a grey squirrel                             
a fuzzy kitten                                
a small puppy                                 
a pet rock                                    
a leafy shrubling                             
a pet rockling                               
a tiny cockroach                             
a green blob                                  
a small monkey                                



oops, forgot to add the iron coins.... oh well to much work!

Most of those remind me of people I used to know in Achaea.


Is this a pet or more like a house atmisphere thing. 



That seems relevant.  :)

It's my way of saying, I have little to add :)



There's nothing TO add on a 3 week old article.




I'd like a pet clone of myself that is like the clone you can get in chrono trigger


I want a clone that I can marry and start a Great House with, yeees. My illusory self doesn't count. :C

It is called a doplleganger that I can summon and she is a copy of me! I can even make her do things wheee my own me-pet! Hehe. Ok off-topic... anyone know why I can't change my Avatar? I even made the sizes to fit exactly.

pet are expensive.. class loyals do the job for free. My gremlin is cute in its ugliness heh heh

I do like my archdemon.

Not the same.  I've had an archangel and those are close but, nothing beats  my pet alavan.

I do envy the Serpent's pet snake and the Knight's pet falcon.

grove user swarm too

generally its better if a pet helps in battle


Artefact pets contribute a decent bit in battle.  It may seem like a very tiny amount of damage, but it adds up and that tiny bit is just that much less regeneration your enemy gets.

When will something new get posted?





You just did.

Someone has writers block, nothing new to comment on for ages!

editing and approving articals can't be a easy or quick job I suppose.

For what it's worth

having a pet, though it would have to be an evil, sinster pet in public. But I wouldn't want an ugly one... would have to be cute, but sinister!

The midnight black kitten of doom. black fur, white socks, razer sharp claws and orange glowing eyes.  I donnow.  sounds cute but, sinister to me.

I have a golden eagle. Oh and by the way! Get rid of amnesia pets!

Amnesia pets are awesome.

Amnesia pets are kind of useless overall.  They're incredibly easy to make 100% useless.  I'd prefer the damage.

I have always wanted a custom pet, wish I could make my mind up what I wanted.


French toast.



with any luck I will get to customize my falcon if I ever achieve knighthood

True custom pets (not that pesky "minipet" variant - what kind of stupid name is "minipet" anyways) are pure awesome.

I'd like a monk pet and I don't mean a tiny little pet that is a monk, but a pet that is for monks.

Still nothing new...


We need more topics.


In time I suspect. it'll take time.

Ha! only when you give up :P

New Article:


Why we are not getting a new Article, It is work noone wants to do.


The end.



i'm kind of getting sick of commenting on the same article...

Bring some more articles, and IO can think of at least one topic that has not been covered!

I have a good topic in mind, mebe I should contact them unproductive editors.

good idea

Yes, do that please.

I would love the Huntress I seen in the Temple

remember it's graduation time, vacation time and just generaly summer.  so, editors might be on vacation or going to a long distance graduation.  lets let them have a life beyond this eh? 

pet v pet battle gameplay? :Da

Falcon ftw. :d

Falcons seems nice, yes.

Just buy a real pet.

Yes I have not seen a cow pet once.... I wanna mount a talking cow!

And when he's snarky you can make him a steak.


I'm not sure I've ever seen a cow pet.  we've got cows that wander the hiways in lusternia but, I dont' think I've ever seen one as a pet.  I think someone in serenwilde has a bull for a pet but, that's as sclose as I canthink of.

I have a large entourage of fae. They are more than enough to keep track of, without actual pets.


I think fae are the most numerus of the summoned creatures like that.  next closest are the illuminati.




Damn I could write an article in a day...  it really ain't that much effort, I guess they just ran outta stuff to write about, bound to happen!

write it and submit it :)

I hope they're just editing htem and a new one will be up soon. Surely not ran out of stuff to write about.

A day is a long time taken out of someone's life just to write an article. Most people don't want to spend the time writing an article just so that people can comment on it to get a free credit when they have better things to do.



I would want a firedrake, or a fire elemental or something else magical and dangerous.



Just go chivalry and get a falcon.  At least they are useful.  If ya want a big pet then go priest or apostate.  *shrugs*  Little cute pets make me sick.  All must be holobombed :)

My leprechaun stole my cauldron twice, in the middle of a ritual. I was displeased

is that luck or what?

How did hat happen I didn't know shadowdancers had to drop the caldrin? 

yeah i donkt really have anything useful to say but i plan to get a pet as soon as possible they make great rp tools for druids

You have swarm of bees following you around

You have swarm of fangirls following you around

Unfortunately I mucked up in the kind of creature I chose in that it was too alignment based and ended up confining my character considerably. As a result, I've had a 1000+ credit pet sit in my inventory for about 4 years. I could recustomise it but it'd end up costing close to the same.

I am reallysorry o hea r that that's not good.

Yeah, that sucks to hear. I must admit, Carmain's pet cat is pretty adorable in an evil kind of way haha.

Ugh. Bye bye dollars.

I like buttons


What does this have to do with pets?

obviously.  Pay attention.

Waaay too expensive. Probably wouldn't be getting any till I trans out my skills/get stocked up on herbs/armor/stuff until I even think about getting a pet.

wise choice

smart idea though do pets in aetolia have any practical value like can they assist in hunting or combat like the ones in lusternia?  it's been so long since I played aetolia I forget.

lusternia has pretty awesome mounts available for purchase.

like what?


I like the lusternia pegasis and the wyvern the best Ithink. though there are tuns.  atleast those that are sold for gold.

That and you can customise the Minipets with a certificate for 10 Iron Coins, so you can have a variety of options.  Way cheaper than the overpriced pets other places.

I want a pet that creates new IRE articles

Now that would be a great pet.

yes, yes it would


I just want something to rat for me.


I think a pet that gives you something in return would be nice. Something like a familiar that you bond with.

Many classes have that

I want a pet that gives you bacon... IRL...


this article just reminded me on how I missed out on those mayan crown birds sold at the shop of wonders in Delos... I was too late to get ONE mayan crown (I was still poor back then) and by the time I got one they were pulled out a couple rl days earlier.. -facepalm-

I liked them because they already came with some actions and they looked cool.. -sigh- I wish they resold those again! I still want a bird! :((


Your post reminds me of how I missed out on the bait bucket and the pet bird :((((

Meh, pets.

ok, even I'm beginning to wonder where the next artical is.  not really impashent just wondering what the problum is.  hope it's nothing major.

I think pets are a fun aspect in the game. Aetolia has some pretty fun pets and mounts.

We need a new article D:

yes we do

yes we do

yes we do







Order beasts are the best. :D

Order beasts are the best. :D

A pet rock seriously?

With my snake

mango parrot


flying rainbow unicorn. that I can ride....and pierces people with its horn, or kicks them in the face either one would work


Allways, I want to be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony harmony oh, oh!

I'm excited for my treant. Seeds have been planted.


umm what is that?


not bacon it seems.


How come forestals in Achaea don't have treants?

I've been saving up for a pet for awhile now. I already know what inherents and add-ons I want to get.. it's just the descriptions that are stumping me. Sky-is-the-limit is great, but also paralyzing. So I wait...

That was hard for me too.  infact I changed once.  The old alavan was just a silver dragon.  the new and improved is so much better.

ok, I'm still being pashent for a new artical just curios now what the hold up is. 

silver dragon

Stupid pink spammy flamingos. 

Lusternia just released amazingly adorable wooly rhinos and a class based on your loyal steed :) <3

Sounds like an inuendo for something...


a big

since i can't

posts which went through a dozen times,