Virtual Pet Options in the Top MUDs

A Diabolist from Imperian

 In Iron Realm's top MUDs, classes make use of the ability to summon loyal entities of different varieties--perhaps a falcon or a snake. These can be invaluable not only for combat, but also inspiration for roleplay. There are some who look down on 'Pet RP',  which often just ends up being owner speaking through and to their animal. This can seem rather one-sided as it is essentially means that this person is just talking to himself! This does not have to be the extent of the interaction, however.


Many classes can and do make use of all kinds of mounts. Everything from stubborn mules to tigers, to wyverns and chimeras. With a few lessons the creatures one can vault upon and survey the realm from is an innumerable list. Some have exotic defining features, some can fly, and many will need to be fed. They can be named and attributed with a personality all their own. They become our stalwart partners through thick or thin, and sometimes their deficiencies can make them the laughing stock of our combat parties (the author will refrain from mentioning a certain Achaean roc here). For a few or many gold sovereigns we can enrich our experience a little further with one of these mounts.


Another cheaper option in many IRE games is the mini pet. Bought with a few thousand gold, these are the small animals like cats, dogs, lizards and birds. They tend to have a favourite food that will illicit a reaction unique to their type and some of them can even be trained. These start out at the ‘baby’ stage and grow over a period of years. Eventually, if they are not slaughtered by some foul evil-doer, they reach a ripe old age and die. The opportunities for roleplay are often small ones. Perhaps a scolding for allowing your text dog to relieve himself upon the House leader’s priceless carpet, or a laugh with a novice about naming your creature, or even a bonding between a few friends when beloved Odif dies and needs to be buried on his favourite island. While these interactions are on a very small scale, they can be recounted later, laughed at, or remembered fondly over a pint.


Lastly,  for the heavy hitters and lucky folk, there are the PET pets, the ones that start at a small fortune and go up and up in price from there. These have a great many more possibilities than the mini pets or even the mounts. For a price, you can make them flying, sentient, mountable or even invincible. The sky and your imagination are the limits. They can react to others if you wish, speak, send tells, and even fight beside you. You can create something that fits your character, a creature that has meaning and a story to go with him. Since they can be made invincible, they need not die and, even if they do, they will return to you in time so that your investment is never lost. These creatures will be your companions through everything, whether you like it or not.


Pets and mounts are a small aside for most of us, but even small opportunities can define our characters, create possibilities and spark ideas for others. They are yet another aspect that can further enrich our text lives.


Author: Lianca of Achaea

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edit it so I don't look completely stupid.

The more pets i see the more they start to irritate me

I do plan on saving up for a pet myself, and it will have to be something that ties into my character overall, not just what I am doing at that time.  I doubt I would link it at all to my current city/guild, because that could change in the future, so it would have to be something that I as a person would like to have around forever.

I sortof tied my pet to my order patron.  I I won't leave the order ever so I thought it safe.

never say never :P

Is a terrible song.

I can see it now. It's just like Perdy - Sedate, even cute at first, then fierce when provoked. Also dislikes serpents.

But serpents are awesome.

Woo. Saplings have grown.

something like, a giant chicken  to ride.

I don't even know


I'm going to get one at some point, just long time off getting it.






Mountable cows, Mountable cows, Mountable cows

calf pet?

can you milk them?

They're full grown.

I was thinking how strange a flying tarantula would look

jumping trantula would make sense

Yes my cow must produce fresh glasses of milk that I can turn into milkshake!

an invisible friend

sounds like my girlfriend! lol! ... wait.. aww, now I made myself sad.. :(

thats a good idea


If I could have a pet that would be hidden?

It's a Lusternian Beastmastery skill!

... the Beastmastery skill for Achaea. Riding is so boring here.

I have millions of invisible pets

Me too!

And four

Mine are invisible and intangible. It is almost as if they don't exist.

I want a pet that is actually useful

Lusternia makes you teach your pets cool stuff!

I very much agree.  love beastmastery.

must be neat, I'll need to check it out

It's great how unique some pets can be, but the way people use their pets can be a bit annoying.

A wall of flesh.

That's... wrong o.O

I like the tiger that smells shrimp on you and then hopes you give it one. (Custom pet from a Cyrenian.) I also love the small golem (pet I think) that one of my family members has.

Still want a cow

I am truly running out of comments

Like this one.  It's got nothing to say at all.

How long will it take us to get to three pages of comments?

how about a pet that can heal you slowly? ... a goblin in a nurse uniform!

lusternia beasts can do that.



i don't think i'd ever be comfortable around a goblin in a nurse's uniform.

I'd have issues with that too. cleanlyness, best intrest of the pashent at heart or their own?  goblins are just shady.

satyr as a pet....


That's slavery.

are fun. Lots of nice things you can do.

Custom emotes are annoying.

they are

I want one. I really do

I can only imagine paying for a custom pet after being omni-trans and having a lot of artifacts. Which I can not imagine.


There are a lot of things I'm prioritizing ahead of getting a pet.

Not all pets cost a ton of credits

There are different kinds in your game?  list them please?

They're listed in the article, aren't they? I know you can buy some with gold at Thera, but they're... not interesting to me.

Then there are the ones that come in the crates in the globes, those are sort of like limited edition minipets, and they're useless, but they won't ever die (well, not permenently, at least).

And then there are the credit pets that everyone keeps talking about. Pretty much unique, useful in some small capacity, and also incapable of staying dead.

um, yeah

I'm not sure who I meant that for...

I miss my thunderbird. :(

Not sure on a pet right now, heh... Maybe when I've got everything else I want ;)

wow its been a long time since we've gotten any new articles

no kidding

I would agree.

Perhaps they got tired of the keyword filled articles and responses of "free credit."

why no new artiy D:







A little worried. All I can think is people who do articals/edit them are on a summer vacation.


Time to start customizing my golem.


A golem is a unique idea for a pet.

I love the idea of a golem pet!

Mount-track, wooo.

not sure what that is but yay!

A plank of wood that is carried by several imps that you can mount.

In lusternia wicca have brooms they can summon that allowthem to fly.  Limited but, good for those that can not fly.

i'd buy this in a heartbeat.

Pigmy imp litter bearers.

is this broken?




Is the comment/credit thing broken?





Still have no pet.


I guess you should train skills before consitring a pet. I'm not sure  how useful (utility) they are in  your game.


I guess pets are not assenchal to game play but, in lusternia they are utility things.

still working i think

Is it broken or is it just me not getting the credit per comment?

It's broken.

It's working for me...

so many generic comments

so many generic comments

Testing to see if it works for june 2. 

Trieing again to see if it's fixed.

It is.

I want a sarcat.



so expensive....

Glad it's back working now, if we could just get a new artical.I love pets but, Ithink I've said all I know on the subject.

Is this ever going to get a page 3?


working on it :)


If we don't get a new artical it probly eventualy will.

my pet died while waiting for a new article :P

that's the wonderful thing about pets.  they never die.  They're always yours.

you don't have to feed pets?

not pets but, normal beasts have to be feed yes.

I considered my steeds pets and they died.

Come to lusternia sometime to see him.  He's very cool.  The best 900 cr I ever spent.  He's also utility not just looks.




Yes!  Yes!  Yes!


I hope we get a new artical to read soon.

me too

I might get a pet Humgii, if they would allow that... 

Still, I probably won't get any sort of pet before year 700AF, so... long time to think about it.

that would be nice

Yes, it would.

Ooh a page 3.


Rair to see three pages of comments. I dont' think I've seen tht before.

i know i haven't

ok, at this point I've ran out of anything to say remotly relating to pets. I'm begging for a new artical from the artical gods please.

Article is not spelled like that.

Sorry I'll spell-check my comment next time.

In Lusternia, pets can spell, well cast spells anyway.





Seriously? A rock

I know we can use forums, but I still think that they could give us another article

I like that Lusternia has an entier skillset just devoted to your pet, and that each org has their own unique ones with special abilities...and even more that you can customize and do more if you so choose.


I've read comments about other ir games pets.  I am thinking I might check them out just to compair.  From what I've read lusternia stil is the best.


cute little cobra. So it can bite people while looking awesome!

Why is only my avatar loading for me on this page...

I just want these to give free credits again...



They don't?

They do, don't know what he's talking about.

I wish there was something new to read. 

oh they work again

If your mount is one of the credit mounts you can effectively 'trade-in' the mount, you lose some of it, just like trading in an arti, but that's the only way to do it as far as I know. I personally enjoy well RPed custom pets, I tend to only do goofy things like 'say to Falcon Eat the newbie!' then order falcon drop, which causes him to stare at me and blink. I did want a credit based pet for a long time, but I wanted it to be a NPC mobile, like a squire/servant that followed me around, so far that isn't okayed.

know what you mean

pets are awesome! wish MKO had em

If they don't they probly will I think allthe ir games so far have them. would it fit in MKO's world? I've never read any of the books.

pet that when stroked gives credits

Would those said credits come from your own supply or where?

no no no, when you the owner pat it once a real day you get a credit and it'd say something like, "Aww, such a loving master deserves a reward." and if you do it more then once a day it says, "Lonely?"

heheh i would like that

I think I'll get a custom pet one of these days. It could be fun.

I hope you get one! 

I'm a big pet person. I love pet classes, but I can't seem to find a pet class or skillset within the IRE games that appeals to me. In light of this, I've been looking at some of the other options, such a taming or beastmastery. However, when it comes to beasmastery, that feels a little limited to me as far as options for pets goes. Maybe once I get into working with the skill, I'll find that it's not as limited as I think. As for vanity pets and what not, I have to agree with some others who have commented in regards to price and priority. My main priority is lessons in the skills that I need to actually survive and further myself in the game. With the ability to produce a decent income there will eventually be enough extra gold to purchase credits and what not for spending on things like pets.

I wuld agree here I did the same thing.  prioritised things but,  a pet was on that list for me just not at the top like skills.

*Cough* credit *cough*


me too! 

And again today too!



No pets for me

I've never had a pet. One of Taerse's friends, Yugi, has a lot, though they don't seem to serve any PvP, quest, or mechanic purpose. I guess, if one played it skillfully enough, they could be a small roleplay device

I wish MKO had the same pet training system as Imperian

I am very fond of Lusternia's beastmastery system, and the possibility to "customise" beasts without the credit investment.

Why is my laptop not able to load peoples' profile picture in the's not even that old. >.>

I don't really know but, I'd say it's gotta do with your brwser settings.

I don't think so. I usually use Chrome, but tried going to this on Firefox and IE, still doesn't load the majority of pics. And I don't have any problem with pictures not on loading.

So hungry.

just don't eat a pet

A savage demonic hound of bloodlust plz.

I absolutely agree. Would be kind of interesting if you could modify the description of the cheaper pets--if we're going for things like mounts, and summoned companions/followers and such. Maybe it could look something similar to the preset race description ("He/She is..."), then you get to embellish it.


Though probably would be abused like hell.

yeah, it probably would be abused like crazy, but it would be nice all the same


Cool thread bro. Very insightful.

These articles are disappearing, and the good ones were written long ago.

I don't think so, just more that they've sifted marketing attention elsewhere.

anyone know when new lusternia mounts will be available, if at all?

An invasion of geriatric cats.


I also have to agree

It must be time for a new topic, surely.


I would say so.

Have a falcon, already, wouldn't want to spend the time or money on a pet. If I did, I'd get a dog. Dragons, mammoths, and nightmares from the great beyond would make terrible pets.


get something more creative for  the credit cost in your game than a dog.


Some of my favorite points of RP are with pets over other players, even if it is the player behind the pet. I know I enjoy Nafi's tangents with Azaiza.

it's like a ventriloquist


Sounds like fun.  my pet I've rped enough he's got it's own personality.

but then

I was just in Hthrak, and I think I want a Dirangi now!

what's a dirangi?


rip kitties

Aww :(   sorry to hear it



Why is this always at the top of the list?

something happen

in bed, when suddenly

suddenly RAIN!

Ne Shiteru..



Wondering when new read?  for some reason I'm guessing August or September when most school starts again?

wouldn't more people write during off time?

you would think so 

My thought was they would be on  vacations and not near a computer. I donnow.  your thoughts is probly true too though so, I donnow what is wrong.

druid pets in Lusternia, love my Crow

like sentinel pets?

from what I remember of sentinal pets not really. the blacktalon beast in lusternia is like all other beasts but, it has inharint abilities and is only avalable to those of he blacktalon guild.

Pets that can shield are the best!!

Something flying and an attack with amnesia would be perfect.

sounds interesting

something petlike

my cat has a pet beetle. 

and I want it NOW.

Credit comment


I wouldn't mind a pet bat.

I think we have those in glomdoring  for ecologists

I agree with shinji

I always think it's weird when a game has pet-related gameplay, for some reason. Like, it seems like it's something that's really overdone and usually lacking unique mechanics. Even minions that follow you around and attack stuff for you seems just a touch old and usually uninspired.

That said, Nim still wants a bunny. >_> 

Knights should be able to purchase a pet that functions like their falcon, with added reactions and what not

though some pets wouldn't be appropriate for a knight

You could.  help pets.  or do you man something else?

hell yes!


Just posting "credit" repeatedly as a comment will get you banned from commenting, fyi. 

yup.. let's just hope that posting to agree with another post is sufficient :P

Pretty sure it is. They got mad at me when I used to just post "credit," or even just "." but as long as you have at least a few words I think they're okay with it.

hmm then they probably haven't seen what Menelaus is doing on another post, at least I'm pretty honest about it and not counting them, as he is. It's rare I don't have anything to say but just 'credit'.

credit dance

weird how people keep saying credit

How is that weird? 

I don't think I will ever get a pet. The RP is cool, but after the new wears off you only gain the ability to travel to anyone that's standing outdoors.

Is travel the only extra thing imperian pets can do.  do you have deliver or retreave abilities or anything else? That travel thing is kinda neat though.

I used to love my rare hart..until it got killed.  Great mount.

pets can be killed in your game?



amnesia Pet. Maybe. I think it's usefulness is at a minimum in retardation, need to test more.

what pet would suit a bahkatu? i wonder...

I always wanted to own a pet when I played Lusternia, but the cost was always far too prohibitive for me.


Thankfully, Aetolia gives me Animation. I love the Teradrim.

ah, well.. hmm, that makes sense.

They're useless.




i wants me sarcat.

What is a sarcat?

I hope there are more options for pets now in Delos. But on the other hand would be better to have quests that give pets are reward

that would be neat



something like that


I'm 50/50

I am more 72.5/27.5

Pets certainly took a hit with that New Thera blaze.

one of the few things not yet ruined by mudsex. Don't prove me wrong.



just hope we never have pet sheep

war goat beasts in lusternia.


I would like a giant mountable hare... that should be interesting! Or a praying mantis that speaks.


mantis scary. 

They eat heads, you know.

I wish that 1) The pet shop was up and running again, and that 2) they offered more variety of pets. Pet rats are cool, so would be ferrets, rabbits, monkeys, etc.

a pet that spews rainbows

soulds pretty

Sounds like MLP.

Oh god what have I created?!

An Unnamable Horror. 


What is MLP?

My Little Pony.

not enough pet insects

Insects are disgusting

spider beasts in lusternia no credit cost.

I want a pet dog.

Me, too.



can't wait for the icewyrm to come along...


like a mount or have you got a icewyrm pet? that'd be cool eather way.

maybe pets you could dress?


strange idea.

i once stole a horse and they cut off all my toes

I like the diversity of the MKO angels for priests. Definitely interesting.

diverse in skills? or just in looks?

sounds neat.  lusternia only has 4 different kind of angels.  heh making me want to try mko but, I'm not sure I'd get into it.  I never could get into his books.