Virtual Pet Options in the Top MUDs

A Diabolist from Imperian

 In Iron Realm's top MUDs, classes make use of the ability to summon loyal entities of different varieties--perhaps a falcon or a snake. These can be invaluable not only for combat, but also inspiration for roleplay. There are some who look down on 'Pet RP',  which often just ends up being owner speaking through and to their animal. This can seem rather one-sided as it is essentially means that this person is just talking to himself! This does not have to be the extent of the interaction, however.


Many classes can and do make use of all kinds of mounts. Everything from stubborn mules to tigers, to wyverns and chimeras. With a few lessons the creatures one can vault upon and survey the realm from is an innumerable list. Some have exotic defining features, some can fly, and many will need to be fed. They can be named and attributed with a personality all their own. They become our stalwart partners through thick or thin, and sometimes their deficiencies can make them the laughing stock of our combat parties (the author will refrain from mentioning a certain Achaean roc here). For a few or many gold sovereigns we can enrich our experience a little further with one of these mounts.


Another cheaper option in many IRE games is the mini pet. Bought with a few thousand gold, these are the small animals like cats, dogs, lizards and birds. They tend to have a favourite food that will illicit a reaction unique to their type and some of them can even be trained. These start out at the ‘baby’ stage and grow over a period of years. Eventually, if they are not slaughtered by some foul evil-doer, they reach a ripe old age and die. The opportunities for roleplay are often small ones. Perhaps a scolding for allowing your text dog to relieve himself upon the House leader’s priceless carpet, or a laugh with a novice about naming your creature, or even a bonding between a few friends when beloved Odif dies and needs to be buried on his favourite island. While these interactions are on a very small scale, they can be recounted later, laughed at, or remembered fondly over a pint.


Lastly,  for the heavy hitters and lucky folk, there are the PET pets, the ones that start at a small fortune and go up and up in price from there. These have a great many more possibilities than the mini pets or even the mounts. For a price, you can make them flying, sentient, mountable or even invincible. The sky and your imagination are the limits. They can react to others if you wish, speak, send tells, and even fight beside you. You can create something that fits your character, a creature that has meaning and a story to go with him. Since they can be made invincible, they need not die and, even if they do, they will return to you in time so that your investment is never lost. These creatures will be your companions through everything, whether you like it or not.


Pets and mounts are a small aside for most of us, but even small opportunities can define our characters, create possibilities and spark ideas for others. They are yet another aspect that can further enrich our text lives.


Author: Lianca of Achaea

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If we can have pet rocks in Aetolia, then we deserve to have pet clouds in Achaea! I want a cloud! My very own cloud.

that would be cool! you could even use it to rain on fires


so many things we can call pets.



So sad about the fire at the pet shop. I was going to go get a dog that very same day. Curse my terrible timing.

So they used to have pets for gold or something and now no more?

Uh huh. They were cheap, sucky pets that every newb would kill though because they don't bother to probe.

Killed and your gold is waisted?  They'd not come back?

Yes, just like any mount that you don't put a collar of lupus on.

I want my snake

become a serpent

Psst, it is just the name of the class, you don't really turn into a snake.

I think I'd want to become a crazy cat guy one day.

Unkillable is basically a necessity, though, through one form or another. Don't want the enemy to kill my mount for good.

I agree

wow. a lot of people really like pets.

No, there just haven't been any new articles in a long time.


yes, we do.

... tameable/trainable useful pet system is too hard to ignore. The rest I've ever owned were gifts.

i wish mko would release something like a collar of lupus in achaea...

Collar of the Beastmaster is far better.

I think people's creativity comes out when creating a pet.  That's the cool part.

Uh, a flying snake?

I know what I'd want on Achaea, but still no idea what I'd want on Aetolia.

If this  continues and we dont' get a new one people can buy a pet from commenting.

Yeah, in like 2 years.

I used want a useful one

not sure about your game but, lusternia pets are really useful.  I'll have to look into your game about a pet. and see wha they offer.


I didn't really care for a pet, but now? There's this desire that's starting to build...

I was hoping this game had pets in it.

custom pets too



i want a penguin

Saleo only has one pet, his firey crimson thunderbird, Kilat. <3

Saleo only has one pet, his firey crimson thunderbird, Kilat. <3


Atleast they're a little lest costly than say a spider or mammoth.  They're a little expensive.

I still want one that gives credits.


It returns its own cost after 30 RL years :P

Yeah, me too.

or a badger I can ride.

pet dragon?

my pet is a dragon.

ivory and gold scales.


You could pop into Lusternia and look him up, he is very proud of it.

everyone should have a pet

I love my Demonz!!



I'm not sure if the point of these postings is to get other new players or for the old to try new games but, I'm eempted to see what the other games have to offer.

I want a pet moose

That could be intresting.

a moose would be more of a mount

Mounts can be pets!  Artie pets are usually mounts.

As much as I love them though, some of them are too silly

what is?

I've not seen any really silly pets in lusternia yet.  the oddest I guess Ithink I saw ehlanah (I hope I got the name right)  riding a teddybear.   but, that's not really that silly.

Custom pets need approval so it must be the admins thought this would work. Curious about the story behind that, though.

I don't get it

I don't understand it


why does this site keep crashing when I want to make a comment? -_-

crash? what crash?

I have to refresh like ten times before I can make a comment.

zombie kittens ftw

That's gotta be a first.  do it.

wish I could afford a pet...

page 4!!

yes, finaly made 4 pages. good or bad?

agree with Stuart

Pet firefly? How do I get rid of it?

you put it in a jar

The drop it in acid.

Reading that made me laugh a little, seeing as I had just recently had a short bout where my pet hawk was making fun of an ally's pet falcon, calling it a scrawny chicken and such. I don't talk to myself through my pets though... That's just weird.

Is this the writing with the most comments? I can not remember any larger.

I am pretty sure it is the most comments on an article

Where are all the tree dwelling critters? I never see any in iron realms games when I climb trees. Squirrels are an important part of the ecosystem that give muds a greater depth of realism.

They are in forests in Achaea. Look harder.

Yep, think there's even some in the hunting preserve.

I want a pet in Achaea, but I want it to be something different, that can't die. And doesn't need food.

i would want one that would kill any newbie that is dumb enough to attack it. i dont know how many pets i've seen killed because of them not knowing the difference from a pet to a killable animal


Stood at an impressive height, this reptilian dragon has brilliant ivory scales
that cover most of his body; softer, radiant amber and gold scales protect his
underside from throat to tail. Long, graceful wings sport an incandescence which
glimmers and shines in an array of resplendent golden hues, leathery and
spanning twice as wide as the dragon itself when fully extended. Burnished ocher
talons click against the ground, sharpened to a deadly point and matching the
spiralling horns on his strong wedge-shaped head, which is held high by a long,
sinewy neck. Showing a profound devotion, his liquid gold eyes act as a window
to his soul, piercing others with his intense gaze. His long snout has a tapered
end, giving ample view to the mouth full of razor sharp fangs that could easily
rend flesh off bone from those unfaithful. Suspended around his neck is a heavy
white gold chain hung with a massive ivory amulet that bears the symbol of the
Exalted Lord, marking this dragon as one of His own and a loyal companion of the
Pious Father.

Nice, more people should post their (custom) pet descriptions. Love reading them.

That looks great

a giant rabbit.

I'd have one as a mount

Thumper! rabbit with the killer ......floppy ears.

killer foot!

vorpal bunny.

eh... only if they serve a purpose...

entertainment is a purpose too

That's what I love about lusternia pets they're actualy functional in the game and not just for rp.

what do they do?

they're boosted above a normal beast.  higher level more trains for skills.  can add more inate skills for credits.  among all the other pet things. delivery, reactions that sortof thing.

nice! Achaea could use this

It's nice and I think more of an insintive for a pet

It'd be nice to have something like that in Achaea.


what is that?


Pets are awesome. It's too bad that it's kind of hard to get permanent pets. 

 you can always treat a mount as a pet

Pets in a mud? 

I think that's the idea



make them hard to kill.  and i will get one


would a collar work for pets?


Would that look right out of water?

That would look silly as a pet

I thought a dolphin would be a neat pet but, it'd look kinda out of place on land.  I love dolphins thought.

You could probably have a fish tank at your house and keep a dolphin there


Credit comment.

I was never one for pets, virtual or otherwise.

I think the costomization rocks :) Adds more detail.

i miss my wolf...

What happened to the wolf?

How can you loose a pet?

i think that having a pet that would be able to keep some people from thieving from you would be a good idea. like a guard dog that could sniff out hidden or shrouded people around you.

get a pet and give it a reaction to react to personal enemies entering your room.  enemy known thieves.  That should help but, I don't think you can create a reaction to alert you to just target 'shruded people'

Credit me :D. I still love the pets. Adds some flavor, one of the reason I like Runewarden, lots of stuff to do.

I understand how they can be really enjoyable for some, however when they're bunched up into rooms where they all send a wall of spam it can be a pain in the rear. Midkemia has pretty useless pets unless you want to battle them, however.

I have been playing achaea for a hell of a long time and i've actually bought a few mounts and pets, the cheaper kind, but they didn't last cause either they died or got killed, sure i'd love to have something close to a rottweiler following me, that could break limbs and talk and emote and such but truth is i can't afford it. So i gave up on having pet and still to my loyal falcon, can't go wrong with him, he does everything i could need, But i do wish he was a little more customisable.

As a monk i really don't bother with pets, they jus get in the way but if i actually transed riding i'd get an eagle and a collar, then for a change i could fly!!

Sure i enjoy have a badger and lemming and whatnot follow around but what about a Monkey? maybe an orangatan? that could beat people to death or crush em haha

A gorilla?

pets that have a usefull purpose i would be interested in. not just a poofy furball

furball.. now that's a good idea for a pet

Then come to lusternia!

I have lots of pets. I like how they don't make me pay for pet food in MKO.

cheap pets are always a good idea.

The world will be flooded with pets in that case

If cheep they're not as special.

a big ol' crocodile would be neat.  Blooredi is one of my favourites.



I'd love the ability to be able to summon an eagle! hellZ yeah! the things you could do!

summon an eagle? don't knights get falcons?

eagle in lusternia

Penwize summons five of them! Hah.



Lots of interesting pet choices out there.

Do pets die?


no, they are yours for a lifetime.  in lusternia they can be killed but, they'll always be reborn.  even the beasts never die if you keep there level up.  but, artifact pets never die. 

i would like to have a chow chow for a pet

that's an insane dog :)




pets are really expensive :(

is that for the ones that could be killed too?

i want something weird for a pet. . .like a trained cockroach

intresting idea.  kinda icky though in my mind but, defenetly  a pet that'll be noticed.



no poofy fluffballs

Is there such a thing as a non-poofy fluffball?


You've never heard of the, "Dreaded hairless fluff ball?"


I have a wyrm. I would like to have a rockeater too

Geomancer pet right?

i would like to recant some of my earlier statements. i wouldnt mind a himalayan kitten.

Is not as cool as a kitten made of marshmallow.

It'll probably blow your mind, but you can have it or something very simular in Lusternia for IC reasons.

I want a kitten.

Not hard to find :)

maybe a sphinx kitten


Love that idea.  it'd be neat.



Woot! :D btw, i like the pets

I have a crated puppy (out of the crate of course) and a Baarian tiger. Both are pretty cool. I'm debating the idea of customising the tiger.

I'm at a loss for anything to say.

Do these things still give credits?


yes, but I wish we had new stuff to read and comment on.

I love my pet turnip.



That sounds an odd one to spend 500 cr on or what ever the cost is in your game. heh, I hope you're joking. though it would turn some heads to see one following someone around for sure.

Dude, parsnips kick turnip butt!

They do! Yay

I got my snow wolf, so I'm happy.

A dracolich would be pretty cool.

Heh, as a pet? Not very likely.

homunculus makes a good minion. but i wish it had some abilities that falcons have. like walking to a person that you want it to.

A dragon ridinga dragon *rubs chins*


Can dragons ride in Aetolia?

I want a new pet from Daveed in Thera.. Were are the pets he saved..?!

What sort does he have?

i'm not sure

I'm actually disappointed with Achaea's support on pets.  I asked for a perfectly reasonable one (Giant Badger), and was told that it wasn't an option because of the guidelines.  I found this quite disconcerting in a game with giant eagles, tortoises, and tigers roughly 3 times the weight and such of standard tigers.  That's not to even mention the other custom pets that are in the game.

that does seems a little silly

That's kind of odd, considering all the strange pets that are out there.  Why would a giant badger be out of the question?  Are you sure it was just because it was a badger?

I want a wolf :)

I can only say I love my artie pets.

they are cool :)

You have more than one?

I love mine, so much so I'm not allowed to get any more. :(



Would love a nice pet, but I burn through my money fast enough to not be left with anything to spare for pets...

Order pets rock. Love love my hydra.

How many gods in lusterniaorder's have pets?  Eventru's is nice and if I didn't have an artifact pet I'd get one.

I'm new, but I'm sure I'll get around to a pet eventually.

make it an animal that noone has ever seen. like a Thylacine.


Yep stil

heh heh heh

I've finally got enough gold to get a small animal like a cat or dog and the shop in Thera is gone! Looks like all the animals will be in ship trades now, and that means expensive. Sigh.

Ship trades and the artefact pets listed in HELP PETS, but those are even more expensive than the ship trade ones.

Frankly, some of the "permanent" pets can be downright annoying.


which ones?

"permanent" ?


yes, artifact pets are permonent.  in lusternia's help pets it states make sure you want one it'll be yours for a very long time.  heh.  permonent.

I've had a bad day, please just give me my credit...


i'm getting me a basilisk!

neat.  I hope you like it.

a pet that can sense hidden people?

I've always thought the pets were too expensive. But Rohn has never been into pets.


of course

Hm, pets seem interesting. 

A pet that fixes my internet.

I would love one too

Do want

I doubt  they have something like that.

pets are fun

i want a sabertooth butterfly, heh

sounds unique and intresting atleast.

Still sad I didn't get an otter :(



More control over my mount would be cool, but I guess I could fork out the 298463209487's of credits to get a mountable pet... but still..

This is going to sound a bit silly but i had no idea that there even were pets other than mounts, and no idea that players could actually customize pets or use them as roleplaying implements. other than the few commands granted by the skillset that you would be using the pet with anyway. Sounds like fun, might have to try and save up for one of the customized ones.


They're great.  I love my pet. he's tied to my order.

Come back when he can tie up your order and give them spankings!



heh, that's cool





credit comment

I ain't saying I'm a credit digger, but I want this credit yo


My mount is very much a part of my RP and I know a few others that are the same. I have a few pets, but I don't really have them out much. 


Mine is.

someday I hope that i can have more than just one pet in aetolia...

In MKO we have a pet battle system, all fear the Fuzzy golden duckling!

That sounds cool.

it is! There's a variety of battle ready pets. Including the aforementioned pillow-padded bobkitten

Mycen's pet


If I ever were to have a custom mount it would be a giant praying mantis that I would fly and ride around on...

how long has it been since we had new stuff to read?

How time flies with nothing new to read?

Credit comment.

...if mounts did anything for monks besides take away their combos.

And make them switch guilds so they can use them.

I kind of miss these articles now, really

Bad pets are good for economy.

What an informative look into the relations between players and their non-existant pets.

some day Ill afford a pet

I'll get a customized pet one of these days, not sure what kind. Being Tsol'aa, a spider would be way awesome even though I hate them irl. I do like those wolves in Sparrow's Rest..

We have a spider beast in lusternia  thats a mount.

Yamete kudasai

what?  I don't understand.

I love my new budgie. Wish custom pets weren't so damned expensive. Can we get a couple fresh articles, please? or at least turn the forums into the same credit-a-day deal?

I second this.

I see..

credit? what?


Credity thing

Credit comment.

don't mind if I do


credits for all!

I give.

For one more bound credit!

I wish for new stuff to read/comment on.

trying to get comments to reach page 5


already did b


such a pity minipets are scarse nowadays and getting expensive, or is it a good way for some profit?

should be able to get a bird from a sea trade

What's a mini-pet and how's it different than normal pets?

yup, such a pity

i dont get the point of pets...

They need utility to make them more than  some vanity item. like in lusternia ours are utility.

Achaea's have plenty of utility.

Done well I think pet RP can be excellent, but there may be a tendency for people not to do it well.

I think this is true.  the first pet I had had no rp behind it.  mwhen I renamed him he defenetly did. I think  he's better for it an he fits my rp better now too.




for pets. now mounts are cool!

in lusternia pets are functional and not just for rp.


Pets are cool.

I wish I could have a little wyvern for a pet. Like... handsize. I bet that'd be cute.

that would be


Would you want it as a mount?

i'm working on getting a tiger mount

that my falcon would always try to eat when I'm not around would be fun.

I would like something like that it'd be funny and give your falcon and mouse some personality.

can't wait for mine! :o)

i just have to learn up to legendary before i can get a mount that i am working for


yay! page 5!

i just bought a tiger

pet or beast?