How the Visually Impaired Play MMORPGs

games for visually impaired

In the realms of entertainment, computers have come leaps and bounds. The old days were joysticks and joypads. Now with technology like the Nintendo Wii you stand and move the motion sensitive controller to be more a part of the games than ever before. Graphics and more advanced animation is becoming more impressive and becoming selling points for many games.


However, in this particular surge of advancement, one group is in danger of being left behind - the visually impaired. For them, fancy graphics have no appeal. Touch sensitive pads which are essentially flat screens with a changing screen are impossible to work with and consoles that use hand to eye coordination devices with free movement motion are of limited use.


How are Online Games Accessible to the Visually Impaired?

In terms of entertainment, the vast majority of games they can enjoy are cut off from them. Even large M.M.O’s which millions of people play for both fun and social interaction outside their own areas are virtually if not completely inaccessible. However, to forgive the pun, there is a ray of light to offset some of the darkness of this bleak situation. This is the opportunities offered in text based games.


Text to speech software such as JAWS can read text on a computer screen quickly and efficiently with many options to meet a blind persons needs. In addition, clients like VIP-Mud are designed for the blind text gamer. These programs have taken many steps to being quite comfortably accessible.


With all the ingenius tools designed by clever people, a blind person has many tools to help enjoy this sort of game. While text games serve a small niche, they still have enough of people from all walks of life. Text games over the internet are rich in detail and challenges, full of fun ways for people to interact with each other.


Due to the text based nature of the game, a blind person will find themselves more often than not on an equal footing with a sighted person. Sound triggers can be set for actions such as attacks or when something happens. Aliases can be created to allow the blind person to respond just as fast as anyone else. More than this, the role play environment of certain types of text games allows a blind person to enjoy the fun and relaxation of creating a person and as many of us are want to do from time to time, taking a break from themselves.


In games such as these, this goes for any person with physical difficulties, their imagination is the only thing that can cripple their character. Text games offer escapism, and the attraction of fulfilling a roleplay fantasy. A sighted person has fun flying around on a dragon, so why wouldn't a blind person? Text games are an incredibly fun and powerful way of bridging the gap between the visually impaired and videogames. It is a fun and enjoyable social situation to challenge yourself against other people in many ways, and I urge any blind gamers to give them a try.



About the Author:

J. Dearborn currently plays Iron Realms games and is not only a level 99 player, he also excels at PvP and ranks in the weekly PvP competitions.


Obviously there is a sight factor to playing most games--hand/eye coordination. I enjoy text games to practice writing. It's nice to see that visually impaired people have a gaming outlet of their own--it never occurred to me that there was software to give them this.

Surely these games are the only ones where blind and partially sighted people can not only compete in PvP combat, but dominate the game.

The example of combatants like Tanris (Achaea) is truly inspiring.

Tanris is blind? Much more respect for him now...

yeah I was surprised about that too

So I'm told, yes!

It is amazing that someone can me so crazy good at combat, and be blind.

It's the blind Sanoichi !!

I did not know this. Consider me stunned, and somewhat in awe.

I really love this guy, he is a great player and this makes it all even more fun.

I had a couple of blind people as classmates, and I always loved to help them. This was in the '80s. At that time, personal computer did not almost existed; blind people had to use expensive braille typing machines, and books typed in braille.

Now, I am also into teaching and last year I had one blind student. He used a laptop for taking notes during my lessons. I was pretty impressed. I even asked him whether he wanted any special assistance. He did not.  He also managed to take the test on the laptop, and he passed, easly.

I love the game even more now that I know that blind people can play too, and most efficiently, I admit.

Tanris is blind? Pretty awsome. This make him the best villain ever.

I was absolutely amazed when I found out that Tanris was blind. It's incredible that the top headhunter in the game can be visually impaired but not hindered in combat by it.

absolutely amazing. kudos!

This makes Tanris even more impressive as a combatant.

I heard about Tanris being blind, impressed.


Impressive indeed. I guess it just proves you can do anything you set your mind too.

Excellent article.  It's nice to see a subject that hasn't been touched on heavily.

I do agree with you

Yeah I agree

yeah, I agree

the first blind player I knew was Jago and he did pretty good at combat back when everyone used ACP

It's nice to know that there are decent video games that even blind people can play.

Text based games are the reason I can type as fast as I can today.

is named Faragan, and he's visually impaired. I think he uses a screen reader, and he's pretty damned cool. He doesn't get into combat due to the speed, but he's always working on bettering his home and guild, and he works his ass off.  Kudos to him.

I did not know this! Already thought he was a pretty awesome guy, but that just increases my respect for him even more. 

Back before my dormancy period I used to get loads of those really ambitious people who'd send me tells being all "What's with his spelling? Why is he GA if he can't even spell!!!11 I'm going to contest him because he can't spell, what do you think?" Man it used to burn my toast! I'd get pretty snarky with a reply, always followed by them experiencing that embarrassing realisation that he's blind and playing via a screen reader.


That aside, Faragan is one of my favourite players. He is honestly the best e-dad ever. Doesn't spoil you but if you need a favour is always there to help you out!

Sadly, I was one of those people who always wondered how he had gotten to a position of power without being able to speak (type) properly. It wasn't until recently that I found out he was blind, but I did learn some time ago not to judge people on that sort of thing. I never assume anything anymore. Just because someone can't type very well, or they don't have a good grasp of the English language, that doesn't mean they're stupid. We have a lot of players who only know English as a second or third language. I knew one player who always had horrible grammar, but once a native English speaker had edited his work, his books were amazing. Text games are truly an equal opportunity environment.


Is rather amazing to know that. Thanks for sharing


Love Faragan. He even helps out with defenses when people raid. It's very impressive.

Aison you're one of my best verchual kids.  You're great! Very cool person.

I'm thoroughly impressed. I have a few friends that are disabled in various ways, its good to know that support for them reaches even to text games.

Two thumbs up for todays society, well some or most of it anyway

Faragan is an amazing guy.  One of the nicest people in the game.  I thinking his use of whatever equipment it is and typing have gotten much better over the years too.


Some of the best players I've met in the game have some kind of difficulty going for them, whever a disability, or being a non-native English speaker, or they're just silly kids, or some other problem in their life, and it has been wonderful to watch these people grow more comfortable in the game over time.


Great article!

I love lusternia and all the people there that are great about my suckyness at combat. I can't so I channel most of my efferts in other directions.  Vipmud is so great.

Impressive that he does that

I find this article to be a breeze of fresh-air, to be honest. I used to play in Imperian, where I met a blind woman. I miss her. </3


Thanks for writing this. Hopefully the next time a player tells someone else about their OOC blindness, the first reaction will not be "You're messing with me."

I know - it beggars belief - I can see and combat just blurs past dfor me.  I need 12 second balance attacks to be used against me please

I've always wondered how technology would address the issue of visual impairment and the massive amount of time people spend on computers. Seems to me that something like a text game is a solid way to ensure such programs are functional, from a text perspective, due to the volume and variety of what crosses the screen.

I've actually interacted in game with a few that are visually impaired in real life, and honestly at first, I had no idea they were at all! Such as Tanris and Nulaye, I was midly shocked when I found out they had some type of blindness, if not all. Just goes to show you anyone really can do anything if they really put their minds to it.  So I really think it's a good thing for them to have a game that they can play and enjoy.

Jago and I were pretty good friends, I'm glad that there are games like this around that can contribute to people with handicaps!

It's one of the things I love about Achaea. There are people from every walk of life there. From visually impaired to physically impaired, those with varying disabilities, and those with none at all are able to enjoy something together. I would never have met some of the wonderful people I know today if it weren't for achaea and its ability to throw aside stereotypes, boxes and superficial influences in meeting people.


like like like?

Thanks for writing this article; it answers an important question that I hadn't even thought of asking. Much kudos to the people behind said technology as well.

I love that the technology does exist for players who are blind or otherwise impaired to be able to play these games. This article raised points I hadn't even thought of, and I appreciated that.

I hadn't even thought of this but it makes perfect sense. I'm so happy someone else thought of it though. I loved this article so much. 

This is a very meaningful article.  It is nice to see something so, not expected, talked about.

I had no idea that their was tools like mentioned for text-to-speech, let let alone for a text based game.  That truely goes to show how fast technology is moving. 

I do use MUDs as a means to escape the drudge of work and even real-life, its nice sometimes to be somebody else for a few hours...when im not flying Dragons.  So, I think everybody should be able to take advantage of the Role-Play and fun that MUDs bring to the table no matter their situation.

I once new a blind man that used to play muds, actually he is the reason that I started playing them in the first place

I can't remember whom it was but there was someone on Achaea I used to converse with a lot back when I first started that was partially blind. I didn't doubt them I just never knew there were specific MUD clients out there that were specifically for those people. It was interesting to say the least. I'm glad to know this now and I def won't be going OMG YER JOKIN MEH RIGHTS?! next time someone says something about them being blind or something along those lines.

It's good to know that people with disabilties can find something to etertain themselves with.

I'm surprised you didnt know this, take a look at your own e-mum ;)  (And get out of my river)

I think it is so cool that the visually impaired can still enjoy games like Lusternia. The lack of graphics is what initially turned me off to Lusternia, but now, as I read, I can picture the area or the person in my mind. So I can see how this type of game, with the right text reader, could be fun for everyone, regardless of whether or not they can see.

I have a reasonably large group of friends who bond over video games. A couple of us are also friends with another guy, who was born completely blind. It's been practically impossible to really bring him into the larger group because his blindness is too large a hinderance to our main activities. Is this really something that could work?


For the record, since blindness can sometimes be a vauge term, he has no light perception at all.

This is yet another reason why MUDs > Other games :D

Heh crazy

You wouldn't think it'd be easier to adapt, but apparently it is.

yes it's quite impressive what some people can accomplish with a text reader.

Definitely something good to touch on, those that are more than capable in game and you'd never know they had problems in real life. I've known some of those that are visually impaired in Achaea as well, but some of the above I wasn't aware of.

It also makes me think of Ash's gram, Kyra. While Ash never got a chance to know her, I knew her well with my original character. I always giggle when I see her warcry on her honours, 'One Finger Salute!', because people take it out of context, but she literally could only type with one finger. While admittedly a slow typer, you wouldn't think of it as anything else, and she did so many things when she was with us that it was amazing.

Love and missing our Windsong Lady <3 Kyra

This is one of the biggest virtues of a MUD, in my opinion: the ability to create your own interface for the game. That does mean there's a little bit of a learning curve getting into it, but in the end it means that blind or partially blind folk can create an interface that gives them just as much access to the information just as fast as it would give a sighted person.

I don't understand how a screen reader can keep up with combat, but I guess it involves a lot of subbing or something.

im guessing they probably #gag like EVERYTHING and then #sub nearly every attack message and trigger an according sound? sounds like a lot though, to have a sound for every attack.

I tried that once, didnt work..  No, I dont do that.. I work through what I can, but then that is why Centi never did PvP....

It's a complicated combination of sounds with their screen reader, and possibly a braille display if they have one.


If I were to make a system for my blind friend, I would set up sounds for notifications like the state of a character that would interefere with an action (i.e sitting or prone), or critical situations like Voyria or low health. A sreen reader would announce abbrieviated forms of being attacked or attacking( ie "Mithaokhta, Whispering Madness"), and a script that would recognize symptom messages and announce the affliction along with when it was cured.

(ie "afflicted, Confusion" and then "Confusion cured"). The Braille display would be used for speech and area discription. though it would be necessary for the screenreader to announce different npcs in the room because of aggression, but that would probably be a toggled function


It's be an annoyingly complicated script, but I hope that the clients do much of that work to reduce lag.... and I'm probably missing a few crucial things, but that should get the idea across

I'm still amazed how blind people can play the game.

Combat seems beyond imagining to me, but I guess it could still work

My mind?  Is blown.  The level of technology and cleverness in this kind of thing is amazing, especially seeing how successful some of the people mentioned in the comments are.

So much for any excuses on my part for anything ever.

I remember when I played Achaea, there was a blind player among us. And what amazed me is that he was quite good at combat, excellent even. It astounded me.

... is a story about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. And people say that text based games are relics of a bygone age! HA!

Well, even if one can see normally when playing text based games is like being blind: you see what the description says you see, not what your real life eyes see. So it doesn't matter really if the description is read by your own eyes or by a device that reads it to you: you are blind to visual world and you "see" with your inner eyes.

This is a great story

could use computers.

Great story, much respect to all the developpers of software to enhance things like this. And to the people using that software of course!

Nay, I disagree. I've played intense pvp games like Godwars and I knew a  lot of visually impaired individuals who used screen readers and other resources to play on par with everybody else. Still, I'm pretty amazed by it!

I knew that there are ways in which blind people could use the computer, but it's rather strange how the blind can combat, especially because I can't catch up with things fast enough even with my two eyes.


Heard somebody tell me that it's sometimes even an advantage to use sounds as alert because one can keep track of it much quicker, but really, it's hard to imagine for me, how can one remember so many sounds? The article sure makes me curious!

It's not that different than the way most will end up memorizing scores of aliases. It's not difficult when you set them all up yourself. idea of this kind of stuff. Amazing

Yeah, the concept of the blind participating in combat is baffling. I certainly can't read that fast. Maybe I -should- start PKing with my eyes closed.

I've actually asked before if there were any blind people that plaid Achaea! Imagine, #1 combatanty in a text-MUD and you're blind as a bat irl.

This was a horrid double-post, apologies!

This is actually pretty awesome and I never really had any clue on how this worked!

Before Achaea I played a mud elsewhere and was surprised most of the community there was blind. The best pvpers are blind on that game. It totally floored me and helped me realize the benefit to text games for the visually impaired.

I think blind people may actually have a leg up. They can set their screen readers to completely avoid the spam we all have to glance through as it flies past us.

I presume blind (and/or visually impaired) people would also excel potentially more aptly in text games because they (I also presume this) are (likely) more adept to imagining their world(s), so perhaps, among other things, roleplaying may be more fluid for them.

I met a visually impared player back when I was playing Achaea, I was very surprised to find out. It's really cool that text games allow for this.

Well written article. I think when it comes to technology we are only limited by our imagination. I've heard from several people about a small number of visually impaired people. I'm glad for their participation - the more people the better.

Have any of you come across those types of players? I have and got played like a fiddle, helping the guy out whenever I could. Of course, he ended up being a lazy player who lied about it all. Tsk.

Honestly, I would say that those are the minorities.  If someone is doing that, shame on them, but it shouldn't make people doubt everyone else.

That's really sad, vanna, and a disgrace. It puts a bad light on people who truely do appreciate the help.

This is very awesome. I understand it since I have relatives who are blind as well. Nothing's gonna stop them!

I liked this article - I've played games with people who are impaired in other ways before, but I didn't think about it from this angle. It's nice to be able to provide something of a niche, as mentioned, in unusual ways.

Kudos. I find it difficult to pvp with decent sight, let alone as a blind player. Hats off

Full respect and admiration for blind players.

I had no idea that was even possible, hahaha. That's awesome. I can't imagine what PK or bashing would be like for them though.

Aside from being insanely expensive (visually impaired people get it for free via government assistance. Hence why I think the price is so high.) JAWS has been one of the biggest leaps forward for blind people and technologies to date. Now granted, that feat will be surpassed once they begin figuring out how to fine tune the engineering behind giving back sight so someone who has never had it, but that's later on down the road. The technology is so magnificent, but we can't get a decent voice for em lol. All in all though, we should thank Ray Kurzweil, without him this wouldn't have ever been possible. 

I've known enough blind gamers in the text world to know that they can keep up just as well or better than anybody who CAN see. And they usually have fairly strong characters.


Nice article, too.

I have quite a bit of respect for blind people who are able to play IRE games. It just blows my mind how good Tanris is, despite his unfortunate circumstances.

Being visually impaired myself and having other problems with reading, I use JAWS as well. My characters dont PvP as I simply cant keep up, and a main problem I've had has been that I dont like to say anything OOCly about my vision etc, yet I get the Why dont you PvP, whats your issue? Is it a client thing, you can fix that, everyone can PvP.   At one point a group actually said Oh hey, sorry we didnt realise, which is.........okay... awkward.. but nice.  However very recently someone said "I wont kill you anymore because you're blind."  ...   Screw that, if your RP is to kill my char, go ahead. Dont treat me different because I dont see so well, just dont Harrass me just like you shouldnt anyone else!  Course now everyone knows, dont freak out, I'm just another person RPing like you.

I met a novice in Lusternia once who was also blind and using a screen reader, it completely blew my mind. But, as far as I'm aware, he disappeared :(

On the topic of combat: for what it's worth, as a sighted person, I barely read any of the combat spam that flies by. Scanning (not reading) the words and the 'shape' of lines (plus select use of colourful echos and line rewriting) is all I do. I imagine that using a screenreader would work similarly: careful use of substitutions and sounds, eagerly skipping probably boring lines, and skim-listening (if such a thing exists). Doing things like that, it's not surprising that screenreader users can not just keep up with combat, but excel.

I actually played a game with someone who used a screenreader.  We decided to dual and I though that I would win because I was not using a screenreader.  It turns out that I lost because he could do actions just as fast as me.


I know a couple of people who play Achaea blind...I have amazing respect and admiration for them, as I know I could never do anything like that.

This is truly amazing

I find that my friend who plays, who is blind, often sees and seems to get more out of the highly detailed descriptions of the world than I do. Sometimes he even points things out, things that I would never notice such as item descriptions, and it's lovely to see someone who can fully appreciate all of the work that goes into designs, where another sighted person might just overlook them.

Several of my family members and friends in Achaea are blind and I take their advice when I can on making house scrolls and such easier to listen to. You will always have people who are still trying to infuse the world with character graphics rather than descriptions in appropriate places but this article opens the box. Thank you!

I've known many blind users, in addition to others with various other disabilities, over the many years I've put into Achaea and I'm always impressed with how seamlessly they play and you would never know unless they told you. I think it's great that this article is helping bring something like this to the minds of many who may have been ignorant otherwise, but at the same time, I think many will treat players differently once they find out they have a handicap. I believe that they come to a world like Achaea, to escape their regular lives, much like the rest of us do.

But not at the fact that they're blind so much as them being on disability. Tanris isn't scary because he's good (though he is... very), he's scary because when he gets one up his craw, he'll spend 6-8 hours kicking your ass. Now, I don't know homedude's personal situation, but I know that I have to work that long out of a day. I love how blind people can play these games though; I get to tell my WoW playing friends that I got my ass kicked by Denzel Washington from The Book of Eli.

even though I knew about this kind of thing, it really still blows my mind that is can be done.


I must admit that I am rather suprised by this. Bravo, bravo

It is awesome that blind people can become great combatants.

Definitely Tanris is worth the respect

I am in awe...

Faragan from Lusternia is blind, and is by far one of the most hard workers I've seen in the entire game.



I know someone like this.  It's great, I think

I never really thought it was entirely possible for someone to be blind or impartially blind and be such good combatants, but now i have an new found respect for any of these people who found way gettign around the disability, I am generally no judgemental and i think it's great that anyone can play muds.


Humble to tthose with disabilities, for moving on , I bow to you!!

Mad respect to everyone who does not let their disability get in the way of what they want to do in life.  I can imagine how hard it must be to learn the system!

I have tried playing with a voice reader at school, not fun :P

It is pretty cool.

Never knew there were so many blind players. Its quite inspiring, really.



It's a lot harder to play with a screenreader if you are accustomed to using your sight. I wish I could be as good as Tanris is, or as good as I was once. The technology to enable the visually impaired is amazing, but it's not an easy replacement if you go from being able to see to losing your sight unfortunately.

In theory, it can be easier for someone to listen for events rather than seeing them though. You can react quicker to sounds I think if you are trained to. Lately when I've been trying to get back into things, I've been a LOT faster on tumbling, though stacking afflictions is a lot harder unfortunately, and so is counting the seconds for setting up vivisects (RIP Timestamps). 

Tanris practiced for ages to get to where he is though, I remember all the rampages and raids he would constantly join and die over and over again. He still makes silly mistakes because he's can be lazy, but that's just him being human.

There are a fair few people who use screen readers on Achaea that are successful. Hoping I can be again one day, though there are definitely days I want to give up.

I'm not blind, I just have trouble viewing screens because of optic nerve damage, especially at the pace that Achaean combat goes at, I rely on a screenreader to help overcome that obstacle. I still have to update my curing system for Achaea too, which is a major pain, because of how slowly I get through the code, and mudlet is not very screenreader friendly.


tanris is blind? bullshit, seriously?

I will always have fond memories of Jago playing, and how much I respected him for what he did and how he did it!


Wow just wow

Quite inspiring

I have a blind friend who sails in Achaea. With limitations though, some chops are simply too hard. Regardless of that, I'm impressed.

Up to a few seconds ago I thought sailing blind was impossible even without chops.  Great article, by the way, very informative.


I know of another who is blind and plays Achaea, He is a good friend.  I am insired AND impressed whenever I meet those who are visual impaired.

Very cool indeed!


I could use some help creating a curing and sipper for vipmud if anyone is intrested.

It is interesting how the older technology (I mean MUDs versus graphical MMOs) is more adaptable in terms of serving a person who is blind.


I am so much in awe of anyone with sight issues that either play a game like we do or use JAWS. I work in a contact centre and there is a wonderful man here who is blind and uses it to do everything I do and my work is computer based and very very varied.


My hat goes off to the likes of Tanris, Nulaye, Carmain <3 and everyone else. I know others but don't want to say their names but I know that they are simply amazing. Help files are often an issue but if you know what to fix, it really does help them.

To think that some top-tier combatants and raid leaders (like Tanris) are visually impaired..they do very well as players! And even most players, who have the advantage of sight, can barely go toe to toe with them.


Also, this is yet another reason why I love Achaea. It's friendly to most kinds of people, and even people who would be considered unable to engage in any kind of gaming at all are major players!

I started playing a mud called Alter Aeon where I'd say over half of the players there if not more are blind. I was really surprised that they were the best combatants out there. I learned a lot from them. Graphical maps on a screen were no use to them of course. I asked once how they could hear so many things at one time and know what to respond to. I had no idea that there were various filters out there that could be utilized that filter out nonneeded information. That way they could focus on only the things that needed focusing on and could let their system do the rest. I've got a lot of respect for blind players. I'm pretty sure one of the systems I play with on Achaea was developed by someone who is blind.

Tanris has done incredibly well to get where he is, but the amount of hours that he put into it when he was learning were incredibly, i remember when i used to spar him till i was too tired to carry on and then he would just find someone else to spar against and keep going.

  I my self am a blind Adventurer. I discovered MUDs a few years back, and never excelled as well as I wanted. I found Achaea just a couple of weeks ago, and since then, have been utterly astonished with the friendlyness and acceptence of the other Adventurers. Mostly everyone is willing to help, and if they are unable to, they help by pointing you to the propper 'HELP SCROLL. Most other Text games just don't have that level of compassion or friendlyness.

  I love text-based games. Not just because they are accessible to a blind gamer, but as a writer, I find that it's fun to submerge myself into my character, and actually live out a story. At first in my 'Mudding career, I was very skeptical about roleplaying. I don't know what it was, but acting like someone I wasn't just felt, cilly. From space adventures, to post-apocolyptic radiation ravaged lands, to even other fantacy enspired MUDs, I have seen alot, but always found it hard to slip into a good character role.

  But with Achaea, I have not this issue. From the ever changing story arks, to the deap political background between houses and cities, to the hella fun and challendging combat system, Achaea truely does have a bit of everything for everyone.

  Now, I love logging into Achaea and losing myself to the character that is Ezran. I won't say that I am half the adventurer as Tanris or any of my fellow blind-Adventurers are, or that I am as good at combat, let's face it, some of them can best even the best sities, but I do look forward to the day that I might stand at their sides, and be just as respected. Mudding truely is the best form of gaming in my ipinion; not just because of the accessibility and comin unity of all players no matter what their disability or challendges, but because of the imagination it requires to fully experience the world in which you play.

  Graphics are overrated I say, and this is coming from a Halo, Fable, and Mass Effect junky. There's no personal invisionment of what goes on. With Muds, you can truely be at your most creative. Why spend loads of money and gold or what ever currency you use in buying things for your avitar, when you can just type [DESCRIBE ME [discription?]

  Anyways, nice artical. Muds don't get the atention they truely deserve, and that frankly, is heartbreaking. So much work and emotion goes into them, and the devotion people show their characters and RP just never gets the respect that should be given.

  I look forward to the many years ahead of me in Achaea, and I don't just mean Achaean years either. Thank IRE, for making such a good game that vertually anyone can play and grow to love.


  Ezran, Proud Citizen of Ashtan, and Proud Eternal Warrior of The Ashura.




I can't help but admire those who are impaired yet still kick much ass in these games.

In one of the first MUDs I played, one of the players there was going slowly blind.

this is pretty cool


I'll admit, I had wondered about this

me too








I think it's great that people who might not normally be able to play have these options

but I can see and read vry nicely and yet I am not very good at combat which makes me feel inept... i will continue blaming the bad connection and the huge ping : (