Worst Careers in the Game Industry


 Just like real life, the text game world would be fantastic if you could become your own boss. In most addicting games, we give up grinding for levels, rather then the daily grind, and try to make gold in more creative ways. So, to help the entrepreneurs of text games, here's the worst self-employment jobs in online games. 


Creating Game Maps for Profit

 Creating maps might sound fun, easy and profitable, but existing game maps created by good-willed players who charged nothing, freely sharing their works with the game community are the most lauded. Furthermore, game clients today support file transfer from dedicated servers, allowing you to download community map packs as they become available.


Online Escort

 You're convinced that "girls have it easier" in text games. Free armour, free credits, free ride in the game industry simply for having chest-danglies. So you create a girl character and give her breasts that would garner sympathy from anime characters. You're a sick dude, and you know it. But you're holding the log for blackmail, so we won't tell anyone your secret.


Organized Crime

 Protection rackets and online game drug rings simply don't work in the text game world. Sure, it'd be fun to roleplay a mobster and throw bricks through shop windows, but you'd probably just get eaten alive by the city guards. And forget turf wars over gleam (an online game drug in Achaea), nobody touches the stuff!


Selling E-Books in MMORPGs

 Whether you're writing a harvesting guide or a series of PvP strategy guides, one thing to remember is that piracy is rampant on the internet. Sure, text game communities are smaller, and you might've even heard a few friends say they'd be interested in buying your book. Selling e-books successfully requires that you build a social network of people willing to review and mention your e-book, and it'd be available on Pastebin by then.


 So, if you're really desperate for a text game career in the game industry, consider starting from the bottom and doing some volunteer work for your favourite game. Guiding newbies, building areas and eventually Celani work will give you the skills necessary to get a leg up in the game industry. Don't forget, Iron Realms has made a habit of hiring their most dedicated, long-term players. No matter what IRE game you play, your producer was an avid fan of IRE games before it became their career!


Authored by M.K. Barry

Editor: Tony Celentano


So what are the best carrers?

defence mechanic

What would be one of the best careers in it?


virtual murder machine?

game reviewer, i'd reckon. imagine the joy of nerds worldwide hanging on your every word.

There are plenty of worse things to do.

Absolutely. Game tester is one of the worst. Repetitive bashing at the same test plan, following boring USE cases...

Debugging things in a program? Would imagine thats rather painful

So many horrible horrible things..

Got a decent laugh out of that.

You are too easily amused.

That's probably true!


Still hilarious.


strange .... er

hah I did too





anyone who tries to do these deserves their fate

Agreed. I mean, okay, I've tried some hare-brained schemes to get credits, but sheesh...

I concur.


Escort is good if done Correctly, but it has to be more than "I has boobs! Mudsex!"




I honestly can't think of a way where a) it isn't more than 'I has boobs! Mudsex!' or b) it isn't seen as anything more than 'I has boobs! Mudsex!'.  Either way, comes to much the same thing.


Really? Try the cute little girl route - no boobs or mudsex in sight, but everyone falls head-over-heals in love with them.

But then that's also a sign it might be a savvy guy, as they are aware of cliches surrounding female chars online. Simply put, you can't win.

Wait...what about for the girls that play those characters and aren't the savvy guys?

There are no girls on the internet.



rofl. only computers on the internet I guess :-)

And does not need to be exclusively female.

Nom, nom, need more free credits because defiler's look awesome! Also, I vote online escort as the worst, implies you have no dignity.

Nael, escorting usually requires one be a little less bloodthirsty and willing to kill their potential lovers :P

Back in the day as a Saboteur, part of the reason the girls dug them WAS because of the possibility that any day might be their last!


Gives the relationship that sense of "excitement" and "risk" that all girls love!


Not even first comment LOL

I laughed, i really enjoyed reading this. 


Agreed. Good for a short laugh or two.

Creating maps are painful...

Almost every other client already has built-in mapping... I've never really seen much of a use for player-made maps, except for perhaps certain areas such as Suliel in Achaea. But even then, a quick google search'll just turn up anything you could want.

Gleam is so hilariously RL

Novice Guide?

Hey... I've written a book in Achaea. I wouldn't say it's a career, but was very worth it.








(not in it for the credit cause I alredy got it elsewhere. In it to make THIS FACE > :/ at you both.)

yeah right :P



Also that online escort thing has totally worked in Aetolia. Some people will shell out a ton of credits for help in vicariously living our their fantasies through text.


Huh. Interestingly, the song "Girls Don't Like Boys" (girls like cars and money being the followup in that lyrics) just came on. >>;;

I dunno, it seems kind of exhausting to be doing that kind of thing all the time, but also very interesting. Imagine starting up an escort business in game.

It's been tried a few times in Achaea, but they ALWAYS fall through.


Will add what other people have said elsewhere, likely -


"Escort" does not always mean sex. It can also mean just someone to keep you company, take you places, etc etc. Although from the sounds of the article it implies just sex, I'd like to point out that I knew some rather successful people in MUDs who charged for their time, but there was a no-touch rule to it. (Also, I've charged people for bashing trips if I didn't like them, which is essentially an escort service with a different end goal in mind)

It would be interesting to try doing something of that kind, but at the same time I wouldn't go for it since you ought to be able to get the same type of interaction (you know, talking, flirting, bashing, etc.) for free with these cool things known as friends. Or guild members. Or house members. That kind of thing.


Ok... whatever turns your wheels

Haha, charging for hunting...nice.

that's Aetolia for you, RPing as good as it gets!

do it!

I lost all my acorns yesterday, how about you? :(

What do you mean, nobody touches that stuff? So why do I kill Dr. Kortoxian whenever he visits the city?


We's gots to protect our newbies!

between all the files on it, the cost, and the fact that several cities have laws against it, I should think that there is quite a bit of protection in place already

should be considered one such drug in Lusternia. But then again it gives buffs to dreamweavers.

With the new changes alcohol can mess you up too, if you're really persistent over several months!

yay for cactus weed

I played a girl once in PO and I got tons of free stuff, I think its pretty funny.


Gleam is like a real world drug, it's addictive and destroys a person.

nobody in Achaea uses it!

Looks like you've never been to a proper party!

i got free loot


You make enough gold hunting and questing as it is.

Lol'd. Prostitutes in IRE games lately hardly get paid anymore! The deed is payment enough!

I lol'd

get weirder and weirder.

I have noticed a certain decline in content...

yeah, gleam isn't worth anything since i as a player can't really feel the pleasure gleaned from it.

I do find the assumption that it would course be a male to play a female escort amusing and hauntingly true.  Certainly looking for a best career list now though

the TRUTH.

random comment that has nothing to do with this silly article here.


bad person

Isn't there a punishment for posting nothing comments? Either way, nice read.

that there are people in the third world trying to scrape out a living by farming gold on WoW and Everquest. Then those people's employers sell the gold to Americans, for cash, and keep most of the profits.

Heard of this. Isn't that illegal or something? o.O


that's so messed up


article. The layout and structure confused me.


This article seemed a bit rushed... And why were some of the headers formatted differently from the others?

I agree, this is not quite up to par with many of the other recent articles. Quantity over quality though, I suppose

The credits, think of the credits!

I am only here for the free credit.

is selling text-books really sadder then selling text-herbs or text clothes? I mean, I would think that book selling would be, at the very least, the most real job on could have, seeing as books are mere information anyways

Perhaps, but text-herbs and text-clothes can't be copy/pasted and re-distributed.

Well, that's true.

People that do text-books are pretty neat in my mind. If I was a better writer, I'd do it -shrug-. There's a hell of a lot worse things to be doing however than selling an IG book, IG.

Writing stories for the Bardic contest seems great. I wish I could come up with cool stories and poems.

This sounds like a good idea. I want to do it. Time to get to writing.

But I completely agree with Dras, there is already enough ways to earn gold. And those ways also earn you xp etc for your enjoyment

I think this was the worst article I've read so far. Let's try to come up with some interesting topics instead of an advertisement for volunteers.

Surprised crafting didn't get mentioned. In most of the IREs it seems the expectation is that you will craft for free if you have the skill and are provided commodities.


Also not on this list: Interpretive Dancer and MUD Braille translator

Interpretive Dancer and MUD Braille translator. I like those. Made me laugh.


I gotta say, I'd like to see a list of good jobs to go along with this though.

I've got to get into organized crime.

Is this "addicting games" phrase a thing now?


it is!

All of it is definitely true, although guiding is not that terrible, you just have to have a lot of patience and time on your hands.


What? Hahah. It takes all kinds, does it not?


Worst in game profession in Imperian? Smithing. qq.....or maybe Clotho, her job has to be amazing! /sarcasm.

This article is very strange.

It's rather amusing.

A somewhat lackluster article, I must admit. the rhythm and flow are off. more examples may have added more humour and interest.

I must agree!


I am really not even sure how to respond here...why would anybody want to do any of the above in game?  I mean the 'I has boobs, Mudsex!', I can see that happening because I have ran in on it in Lusternia...it is...interesting to say the least...mostly a waste of time though.

Why not be a professional adventurer or a bloodthirster or farmer?  All pay out in one way or another....writing books and selling tail for a new greathelm are boring and only payout if you are realy good at it anyways.  

Making maps is fun if you are into creativity...it also depends on how much creative freedom you get with it I guess too.


A very comical article.

Not the best.

The clothes are prettier. Men's clothes are SHIRT PANTS BOOTS ALL OF THEM BLACK. Where's the variety?

Chances are your pants are not as fancy as the pair of very fancy pants that Mr Fancypants will wear...


But yes, I keep alting as women just because I want to wear more than tunic/trousers as my ensemble. And then I get to the shops and go 'wtf is a petticoat? Is it just smaller than a regular one? wait, undergarments? Why can't I wear one with a sari? Is this why it takes women so long to get dressed?'


And then I give up and go back to playing characters with dangly bits.

I want saris in Achaea

Yes, yes you do. ^_^


I think this article was a bit rushed. Do we get a best jobs one next?

Can MKO have mortal builders yet :)



Interesting I guess.


I play female for fun. Haven't really gotten anything free from it. Get enough gold on my own anyways.

I know somebody who does begging. Even when he has enough for what he wants, he begs for more. It's pretty annoying! Especially when he has more money than you.

Hands down the worst ig "career" that I have observed in Achaea, was being the Imithian Prelate. Though I am glad that Ferrous had an opportunity to serve the former Church in this role as it helped her character and roleplay grow - most of the time it was a nightmare. Practically every interaction was dealing with irate people - demanding to know WHY they were enemied, and WHO informed the Church of their crimes, and complaining HOW much their fines to the Church in essence/gold/years were. On a few occasions I had people issue Ferrous personally over the organizations decision to enemy them. All in all though, I would go through all that nightmare again... just to have the Church back :(

I'd give up every artifact I own, and buy then all over again (almost 15k credits) just to have the church back again!

This is not the best article I read so far, but it is amusing!

Selling ebooks huh..


That'll be interesting if it ever happens, hahah.

They generally suck.  Harvesting, forging, milking etc all take the most insane amount of time to do and give you little profit in return.  I think if you wanna be rich, master bashing! 

Sounds reasonable

That is so right. I tell this to everybody who asks whether or not to get a crafting skill. They're cool if you like doing it, but for most people it will never be more than a glorified hobby.



Sounds good for a free credit


Is always good.

lets see, i've seen so far prostitution, a whore house (male and females mind), the odd jobs (hunters for the most irrelevant of things, people who's sole jobs are to carry messages from one person to the next instead of tells, and such)



Actually got confused with the article and organization. Does it mention IC jobs or jobs that you take on IRL for the game?

The worst career in Achaea is being the Caliph of Shallam XD

Give Bahtell a noogie when you see him about for taking it up! ^_^

THe only scheme there that would work would be the make a girl character scheme.  I am sure you could whore yourself out for a few credits.

The worst?


Amusing and fairly interesting.

Indeed very humorous!

Involve having to listen to others whine and complain especially over nothing.

Ada already pointed out how bad being Caliph of Shallam is!

The escort thing sounds like you'd have to swallow your pride pretty deep...And a few other things, perhaps. Eurgh. No thanks.


QA is nowhere on this list! ;)

I don't know what you guys are talking about, being an online escort has worked out great for me.

Great article, some great points indeed, i seen to many trying different ways to make money some are very inefficient, like my attempt when i was a young lad just starting out i thought why not start a dating agency, matching people up for money, of course i did not have the mind of an accountant back then and couldn't really make money off it, but of course if you're natuallry rich, you could buy a whole lot of shops and sell lots of stuff.

I then started working on an Alclient curing system (which is almost complete) and when i'd gotten this far i gave up and thought it'd never do, i wanted to be like the great Vadi, and yet also Runists in achaea seem to be making less then they did before, because of the long life of totems.

All in all the only reall ways of making mondey is walking around sapience harvesting everyday of every hour, doing enchantments or having a shop, those to me are the greatest incomes varieties in Achaea, next to thievery.

  In 2008  Over 150,000 people were employed as gold farmers with average monthly earnings of USD145.This same report estimated that 80% of all gold farmers were from Chinaa fact which has led to prejudice towards Chinese players.2008 figures from the Chinese state valued the Chinese trade in virtual currency at over several billion yuan, or nearly USD300 million.

  Not sure about 2009, 2010, but it's probably gotten worse.

Read about this..wow is all I can say..

Volinteer work like this artical sujests would be a good way of strengthening your writing skills.


There must be some actually good but non grindy careers out there though!

Rofl at Escort industry.


The map-maker, maybe not so horrendous. Caffery (Lusternia's most known cartographer) may not have earned a lot of gold, but he certainly earned a lot of positive social credit from mapping out the entire Lusternia world.

there was an easy way to make loads of money, wouldn't everyone be doing it?

That's actually hilarious. 



def rolling a hooker char


Engineering.... nuff said

being a ratman :P

Only if you like giving away all your money.

see above

not sure what to make of this article

the flow is off in this artiicle

Quite bad jobs indeed, but there are also the lovely tasks like observation (sitting around somewhere waiting for something to happen) and hunting service provider for someone rich (you hunt all those dangerous creatures they don't want to touch).

I was hoping for a better article :***(

has to be really boring.

Gets paid terribly too. Sadly in some cultures, that pay is way better than any other job, and the farmers don't even really know that what they do is illegal. Or don't care, because game rules suddenly become trivial when your family is starving :(

I'd love to have a gaming career.

is so dull

True oh so true


Plenty of bad jobs...so few good/fun ones =/

Honestly, coming up with in-game jobs is pretty neat. IRE has built in skills for creation, but the real challenge is marketing them in a neat way.

lots of work, little pay

Cause there are some House positions that nobody wants to do half the time.

Advancement a bit limited


+1 to online escorts!

could always be worse maybe your an intern to one of those other people?

Would be an interesting twist of fate if it turned into the next "Eragon" or similar fantasy books.

Would be an interesting twist of fate if it turned into the next "Eragon" or similar fantasy books.

I'm sure some could write the next Shades of Gray ;)

I gagged a little at the Online Escort one. If only because I have a sincere problem with anyone who plays a female just to get free things - real female or not.

I gag at people who play males just so they can find these escort females.


Well I do enjoy free things.

Like a credit.

what is all this talk about free credits?

... chest danglies?  Really?

Someone offered my character a job as an "escort." D: D: D:




especially terrible for a grammer nazi

I thought grammar nazis enjoyed what they did? I mean why else would they do it, right?




go figure out where someone made the mistake.

We have none.

stop changing my history! ><

Imp and Aetolia have changed the backstories of various guilds and orgs more times then I can count and it always screws up my various char's RPs! So far I've not had the same issue on Lus as it mostly just has new stuff happen and does not rewrite the old which I find allows a more organic development of my char and lets me feel like I can invest more time and effort with out the worry that large portions of my char's knowledge base is going to be rewritten with out my knowledge then randomly changed by players or well intentioned Admins. 

I know that guilds/orgs die and someone has a "great new idea" that will energize the playerbase and bring people swarming backinto text based games, but you could always do it with a bit more sensetivity to the person who crafted their history over the corse of months and could if you had the time occupy you with their history for days on end. Come to think of it maybe Lus's policy that everyone's memory is wiped/spotty rather helped my chars there, As I was free to organicly grow my char to what they are today. ok starting to ramble again, sorry.

What's wrong with online escort?

Organized crime D:


Yeah, this one was a bit of a stretch, though there is some actual good info in here towards the end.