Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz

Zork II Interactive FictionIf you followed my guide through the first Zork, you should know that our adventure isn't over. We've found ourselves even deeper in the Great Underground Empire, ruled by the Wizard of Frobozz. If you want to defeat him, you'll need to be clever, crafty and have guts of steel - or just follow my guide closely.

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Our adventure starts in a barrow. If you look around, you'll see some tools on the ground, you can use GET ALL to pik up every item. Now head south three times, southwest and south again. You'll be in a dark area, so go SE to a garden. Ignore the unicorn if you see one, and ENTER GAZEBO. Pick up everything on the ground, then EXIT the gazebo. Head north, northeast and GET WATER to fill the teapot we found. Now go S, SE, S, S to a Topiary, then head west. You'll want to TURN ON LANTERN here, but you can TURN LANTERN OFF if it runs low on fuel. You'll be in a Carousel Room, which has exits to every area in the game! We need to stop spinning, so DROP ALL EXCEPT LANTERN AND TEAPOT. Now to save your game type SAVE, because we might not do get this on the first try. We want to go in any direction, if you don't land in the RIDDLE ROOM then you need to RESTORE your game. Keep trying until you're in the Riddle Room, and SAVE again. The answer to the riddle is "A Well", so SAY the answer. Now go east, and DROP NECKLACE, then east again. See the bucket? ENTER BUCKET, then POUR WATER IN BUCKET.

Zork II InfocomNow get out of the bucket, go east to the tea room and GET ALL EXCEPT ORANGE, then EAT GREEN. You can now fit through the tiny hole to the east. Now THROW RED IN POOL, GET CANDY and go west. You can't cross the gap because you're too small, so EAT BLUE to grow back to size! Go northwest, and say ROBOT, GO EAST. Then go east, and ROBOT, PUSH TRIANGULAR. The carousel will now be still, so don't try to push any of the buttons yourself. Now ROBOT, GO S, follow him south and GET SPHERE. You've sprung a trap! You need to ROBOT, LIFT CAGE. Then GET SPHERE again. Now you need to go back to the Carousel Room, so go north, then west. Hm, seems this room started spinning after we stopped the carousel. Keep going SOUTHEAST until you get to the Tea Room, then go west, ENTER BUCKET, GET WATER, DROP TEAPOT and GET OUT. Go west, GET NECKLACE, west and northwest. We've dislodged a metal box from the ceiling, which was that thumping noise, so OPEN BOX and GET VIOLIN. Head SW, then DROP ALL TREASURES. Save your game here. Go northeast, GET SWORD AND MAT AND LETTER OPENER, then head north 3 times and UP. In this room, PUT MAT UNDER DOOR, then OPEN LID and PUT LETTER OPENER IN KEYHOLE, then PULL MAT. Get the key and the letter opener, then UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY. Drop the key and letter opener, OPEN DOOR and go north, then GET SPHERE.  Head south, down and west, then north

Holy geeze a dragon! We have to kill him, so ATTACK DRAGON WITH SWORD and then immediately run south. ATTACK DRAGON WITH SWORD, then run west. The dragon will sea his reflection in a glacier and die a horrible death. Now you can safely travel through the tunnel the dragon was blocking. DROP SWORD, then go EAST, north 3 times and OPEN CHEST. If it doesn't happen on the first try, do it again. GET STATUETTE, and chase after the princess. Go SOUTH, EAST twice, then SOUTH twice. The princess opens a secret passage, so go EAST and follow the path till you get to the Formal Garden. Turn off your lantern in this room, then go north and ENTER GAZEBO. Wait until the unicorn shows up. The Princess will hop on the Unicorn and give you it's key as a reward before riding off. She also gives you a rose, but DROP ROSE because we don't need it. Now EXIT the gazebo, go south twice and west, TURN ON LANTERN, then south twice. Now SAVE the game and head down. The next puzzle is a little confuzzling. We want to find the club, so try going EAST or WEST, it's in a random location. When you find it, GET CLUB, then go SE, NE, NW, SW to start lighting up the diamonds. Yes, we're running bases and the 'club' is a baseball bat. Now wander around till you find the ladder, and go UP, NORTH twice. 

Zork 2 CoverYou should have the club, red sphere, blue sphere and a gold key. Go southwest and GET ALL TREASURES. Go southwest again, GIVE CANDY TO LIZARD, then UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY. You can OPEN DOOR now, so go south to the Wizard's Workshop, then west. You want to TURN OFF LANTERN. Now let's PUT RED ON RUBY STAND, PUT BLUE ON SAPPHIRE STAND. We're missing a sphere, hmmmm. Let's go west, then THROW CLUB AT AQUARIUM. Ta-da! GET SPHERE, go east and PUT CLEAR ON DIAMOND STAND. A new sphere will appear, so GET SPHERE, head south and PUT SPHERE IN CIRCLE. You freed the demon from the sphere! He'll thank you for freeing him, and the wizard will burst into the room angrily. He'll start casting spells, but the demon will drain his powers. Now we want the demon to owe us a favour, so let's give him our treasures. GIVE ALL TREASURES TO DEMON and go north, east, TURN ON LANTERN, north twice, then GET STRING, go northeast, GET MATCHES AND NEWSPAPER, go north, GET BRICK, south and northwest, then west twice. DROP RUBY, go south and save your game. We're going for a hot air balloon ride. ENTER BASKET, OPEN RECEPTACLE.  PUT NEWSPAPER IN RECEPTACLE. LIGHT MATCH.  BURN NEWSPAPER.  TURN OFF LANTERN. The ballon will take off, so wait until a small ledge appears and LAND. Then TIRE WIE TO HOOK, GET OUT, and GET ZORKMID. Go south, then TURN ON LANTERN and OPEN PURPLE, GET STAMP. We don't need the books, so DROP BOOKS and go north. 

TURN OFF LANTERN, ENTER BASKET, UNTIE WIRE, then wait till we see the second ledge and LAND. Tie it down again, get out of the basket and go south. PUT BRICK IN HOLE and PUT STRING IN BRICK, then LIGHT MATCH, BURN STRINGS and go north. The brick will explode (haha what?), then head south again and GET CROWN AND CARD, go north, ENTER BASKET, UNTIE WORK, Z, CLOSE RECEPTACLE, TURN ON LANTERN. The balloon will descend now, so go ahead and LOOK AT CARD, then DROP CARD AND MATCHES. When the balloon touches bottom, GET OUT and go north, then GET RUBY. Only two more to go! Head east twice, north twice, west twice. We have to be stealthy here, so follow my instructions EXACTLY. From the entrance go NE, E and S, then GET PAINTING and go north. ENTER SHIMMERING LIGHT, ENTER SOUTH WALL, ENTER SHIMMERING LIGHT. Here is the final treasure, so GET BILLS AND PORTRAIT, then ENTER SHIMMERING LIGHT and go south.  Go east twice, south twice and southeast, southwest, south, west. TURN LANTERN ON and leave it on, go south and GIVE ALL TREASURES TO DEMON. He should now agree to do you a favour. You can type DEMON, GIVE ME WAND or DEMON, KILL WIZARD. Either way, you'll want to GET WAND. Now go north, east, north twice, northeast, south. Now POINT WAND AT MENHIR and SAY "FLOAT". Go southwest, GET COLLAR, then go northeast, south and down. Keep going straight down, and PUT COLLAR ON DOG. Now go east, open door and south. Turn off your lantern and OPEN SECRET DOOR, then go south. Game over! Check out the walkthrough for Zork III to finish this fantastic adventure!