Zork III: The Dungeon Master

Zork 3 InfocomAfter falling down the Endless stairs you will find yaourself at the final destination, the deepest and most mysterious part of the Great Underworld Empire. This in fact, is the area in which the Dungeon Master may be found. The Dungeon Master will test you throughout your journey, he will not reveal himself to you in any form or fashion until the end..or does he..? Prove yourself, master his challenges, else you may never see the above world again. 

A word to the wise, this game is unlike the previous games, instead of collecting treasures and battling persistent enemies, you will face the Dungeon Master's tests. In fact, you will only collect one treasure throughout the course of the game. These tests will test you in a myriad of ways, prepare yourself to conquer what seems impossible, and you will be rewarded at the end of the tests. 

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Zork III: Walk Through

Zork III CommodoreThe game begins and you find yourself having these visions. The visions are in fact your challenges that will await you after your fall down the Endless Stairs. You are greeted by a Mysterious Old man. You do not know it at the time, but this is in fact the Dungeon Master, already showing you himself in one of his forms. 

You begin your journey at the end of the Endless stairs; there you will find a lantern. To get the lantern and turn it on, use the command GET LANTERN and then TURN ON LANTERN. I highly doubt you want to wander around these realms stumbling through the dark. From the Endless Stairs take the following directions: SOUTH, SOUTH, SOUTH, SOUTH, and ENTER LAKE. Here you will lose the lantern, but do not fret you will have another source of light that awaits you. Stay at this location until the indicator has you perform the II command. Once this occurs, TOUCH TABLE, were you will be instantly transported to the room that was west of the Carousel Room from Zork II.  You will find an item you recognize from the last game (Assuming you played, if not, then just know you'll need to get the can!).  Use the command GET CAN and you are transported back to the room in which you were in from touching the table. 

A word to the wise though, the table is used to transport you to different areas of the previous games of I and II. There is nothing that you need in the area when the table reads, "I" and whatever you do, do NOT touch the table when it reads, "IV". 

Once you are back from your journey to the previous game DROP TORCH. 

Once you have completed this, you are finished with this room, so return to the lake. Sadly, you will drop the can and will need to retrieve it and also an object. This may take you more than once to retrieve both items. So proceed in the following directions ENTER LAKE and DOWN. You'll see the can of repellent, the latter, and a shiny object. Use the command GET CAN and OBJECT, if you are unable to retrieve the items the first time, continue to do the command until you have them both. Leave the lantern, it is useless now.  Bear in mind, you can only stay in water for so long, so no drowning!

Once you have the items from the lake proceed in the following directions: UP and SOUTH. 

It's going to get dark ahead, so here is your next light source! Use the following command SPRAY GRUE REPELLENT ON SELF, and then walk in the following directions SOUTH, SOUTH, EAST. You also have found an item you will need much later in the game. So DROP CAN and GET KEY. By know your light repellent will have worn off. Since you cannot go back the way you came, OPEN COVER and go DOWN. 

You'll find this passage to be lit by an unknown source. Now go NORTH three times to reach the room "Damp Passage". In this room you will find the torch you dropped previously, and it's time to pick it up. So use the command to GET TORCH then walk West twice, and go Southwest. This will be your first save point, be sure to remember it!

Be on your guard, your first opponent is coming up rapidly and will attack you without warning. The opponent in question is a shadow figure, just wander around a bit until it attacks. When it actually attacks, a sword will appear in your hand instantly. You will need to use the command ATTACK FIGURE WITH SWORD and repeat the command until he has been beaten. DO NOT finish him off completely, stop attacking when you see that he is "badly hurt and defenseless". Also a word to the wise, you will take some damage from its attacks, if you need to restore, do so. 

After you have beaten the shadow figure GET CLOAK. 

Once you have the cloak you are finished here and you will need to make your way to Junction. Once you are at the Junction proceed west twice to the Cliff. (Don't lose that sword you will need it) 

Here you will find some bread, so GET BREAD and go DOWN. 

Once you go down you will find a chest, but the key you received earlier will not work this chest. Do not fret, help will be arriving shortly for you!

A fellow adventurer will show up and tells you that he can assist you in opening the chest. Allow him to help, it will be the only way for you to get what you need. 

Perform the command TIE ROPE TO CHEST and wait until he returns and GRAB ROPE. This will open the chest! Nice work! 

The adventurer will take all of the items from the chest, and leave you with a staff, but this is the only item that you will need from the chest, so it works out. 

After you have the staff walk in the following directions to the room "Flathead Ocean" : Down, Down, SOUTH. Here you will need to save the game again. 

After some time, you will see a ship approach the harbor and say "HELLO SAILOR", the sailor will toss you a vial that looks empty, but it contains an invisible liquid. GET VIAL. 

Once you have the vial go NORTH, NORTHEAST, SOUTHEAST to "Barren Area" by this location an earthquake will have struck; if it has not, wait here until it does. 

Go EAST and SOUTH to Creepy Crawl, and then East, East, South, South to Great door. The door here will not open, but the earthquake has created a new way for you to get in. 

Go EAST and NORTH. Then PUSH GOLD MACHINE and go SOUTH. There is absolutely nothing in this room that is of any use to you so perform the command OPEN STONE DOOR. PUSH MACHINE EAST. 

In this room you will find an assortment of crown jewels, just out of your reach. You will need to have one of them with the help of the machine.  Perform the following commands in order:  TURN DIAL TO 776, ENTER MACHINE, PUSH BUTTON.

Zork 3 Interactive FictionYou are instantly transported to the year of 776! You will also find yourself in a room with guards. Do not move at this time. GET RING and wait until the guards leave. Do NOT pick up the dagger or scepter. OPEN DOOR, go WEST, OPEN WOODEN DOOR, go north. And you will find the time machine you just used!

PUT RING UNDER SEAT (as a precaution, will prevent it from vanishing, don't worry about the jewels)


Once you have all the items you are able to retrieve go WEST and SOUTH. And save at this point. 

Now you want to head down into the Royal Puzzle, which can be extremely difficult. There is only one correct solution, and you can't make a single mistake. Follow these directions exactly: PUSH S WALL, go EAST, SOUTH, EAST twice, PUSH S WALL, GET BOOK, PUSH S WALL, PUSH W WALL twice, go EAST, SOUTH, PUSH E WALL, go NORTH 5 times, PUSH E WALL,go west, SOUTH 4 times, east twice, then north 3 times and PUSH WEST WALL. Now go east, south 3 times, west 4 times, north 3 times, west, north, PUSH E WALL 3 times, and go west 2 tmes, south 2 times, east 2 times, south, PUSH E WALL, west 3 times, north 3 times, east 2 times, PUSH S WALL 2 times, then west, south twice, east twice, north, PUSH W WALL twice, south, west, PUSH N WALL 3 times, west, north. That wasn't so hard, was it? You should see a ladder right beneath a hole, so go up to leave the Royal Puzzle with the book. Save your game!

We need to go north, west, north twice, west twice, north, east and northeast. You should see an old man sleeping, so WAKE MAN and GIVE BREAD. He'll point out a secret door before leaving. OPEN DOOR and go north twice, then PUT SWORD IN BEAM. Go south and PUSH BUTTON, then go north twice. A mirror is in the wall, but the beam from the sword should open a panel below it. Go north and get the compass rose to point south, then open the panel. RAISE SHORT POLE, PUSH WHITE PANEL, then PUSH PINE PANEL. Now go north to find some guardians. OPEN VIAL, DRINK LIQUID. You'll turn invisible! Go north three times and KNOCK ON DOOR. The Dungeon Master will answer and explain the whole storyline, then let you in. Go north, then east, north twice. TURN DIAL TO 4, PUSH BUTTON, then go south. OPEN DOOR, south. We need the dungeon master's help to unlock the brass door, so DUNGEON MASTER, GO TO PARAPET. Then DUNGEON MASTER, TURN DIAL TO 1. Then do DUNGEON MASTER, PUSH BUTTON. Finally, UNLOCK BRONZE DOOR WITH KEY and OPEN BRONZE DOOR. Go south!

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have completed the third and final chapter in the Zork trilogy. If you enjoyed the adventure, give Iron Realms text games a try! They're text games too, but multiplayer so other players can join in the adventure!