Rapture should be installed like any linux application.  Your options are similar.

  • Install in a ‘private’ bin directory.
  • Install system-wide

In each case, the tools need to placed in some location within your search path (PATH environment variable).  This is particularly true of the program rmqtool which is useful for <IPC>.  For instance, the web server user should be able to execute rmqtool to query a running game for information (and a single common installation point helps keep versions correct).

Once your binaries are located in a reachable spot, you have to compile a game logic executable file.  Finally, you need to customize/create a config file with the settings for your game (see Configuration), and use that to start your game.  Once you’ve got those things, the following should start it up:

$ rapture -c <config file>

If you’d like to keep it from going into background mode, provide a ‘-s’ command line option, like so:

$ rapture -c <config file> -s

This is sometimes useful when you would like to retain the console output of a running game (particularly during the development cycle).

Most of the behavior of Rapture can be customized through command line options or (preferably) through a specified configuration file.