Vampire of Aetolia
Explore a Vast World
Player-Run Factions
Dynamic Economy
Friendly Community
24/7 Newbie Support
Fly or Ride Epic Mounts
Unparalleled Crafting
City Development Systems
Play as a Vampire
Multi-Planar Universe
Rich, Detailed Quests
Expansive History
Story-Driven Events
Mind-Blowing Lore
Simple, Yet Complex PvP
Intricate Player Economy
Ascend to Godhood
Shades of Grey Morality
Grook from Achaea
Huge, Expanding World
Complex Politics
NO Level Cap
Fast-paced PvP
Dynamic Economy
Detailed Lore
Large, Active Community
Frequent RP Events
Completely Free to Play!
Lizardman Assassin
Three Powerful Factions
Player Cities and Councils
12 Different Player Races
Player Created Guilds
Strategic Siege Warfare
Roleplay Driven Conflict
Massive Game World
Thousands of Quests
20 Different Classes
Troll Warrior
Ascend as a Valheru Lord
Vast, Multiplanar Universe
Serve the Gods
Gain Mastery Over Magic
Over 1,000 Abilities
Design your own Estate
Siege Castles and Towns
Rise as a Merchant Prince
Join the Nighthawks

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