The Nexus Client

The Nexus client is how players connect to our game worlds. Through the magic of the internet, you play our games directly from your browser. You can also download the client to play right on your desktop.

You can start using the Nexus Client right now. Just click one of the links below.

All of your game settings are saved on our servers. This means you can play your characters from anywhere in the world, on any computer in the world, and get the exact same experience. For those of you familiar with MUDs, Nexus comes with many advanced features that you will find helpful.

You can access the full Nexus documentation at

Below is a video detailing the basic functions and features of the Nexus client.

Nexus Features

  • Windowed output. Separate windows for main output, inventory, communication, graphical map, and more!
  • Windows auto-resize based on browser window size.
  • Window layout can be customized.
  • You can remove windows or create new ones, move tabs from one window to another, resize windows, switch the entire client skin, change colors, fonts, and more.
  • A map window so that you can always see where you're located visually in the game world.
  • Go full-screen!
  • Turn music off but keep sound effects on!
  • Cross-platform. Nexus works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
  • Nexus will lay itself out intelligently depending on your device.
  • For instance, on mobile it will default to a single column (rather than three as is the default on desktop), allowing you to swipe left/right to see the other columns.
  • To assist with movement, there’s a compass in the mobile version letting you move around the world with the tap of your finger, vs bringing up the keyboard to type a direction.
  • Your settings are saved on our servers allowing cross-device functionality.
  • Save a trigger, alias, button, or any other setting you’ve written in Nexus and it’ll be available no matter what device you log that character in with!
  • Use your desktop triggers on your mobile device.
  • Graphical UI elements include graphical character creation, health and mana bars, icons that light up when you have common afflictions, balance and equilibrium icons, and more.
  • Two kinds of scripting – Simplified and Advanced.
  • Advanced scripting is done in Javascript, with an API via the use of General Mud Communication Protocol (GMCP) that lets you track things like inventory, health, room items, and more from within your scripts.
  • Simplified Scripting can be used by anyone without any coding knowledge at all.
  • Easily create powerful keybindings/macros and aliases with no prior experience.
  • Dozens of automatically generated variables automatically generated for you to access via your own triggers and reflexes.
  • Create a share packages of triggers and other reflexes with your other characters or other players.
  • Thorough documentation including videos, examples, and more, on the Nexus Wiki.