AEGIS, THE GOD OF WAR - Achaea Online Help


Plagued by His past and the harm done to His family, the Lord of War returned
to Sapience to once again pass His craft on to those willing to learn. Serving
under His appointed Generals, His soldiers engage in the study of the rules of
warfare and the strategies employed within each conflict. Every victory has a
lesson to be learned, and every defeat presents new challenges for His army to
overcome.  Choosing to not limit His numbers to those who excel at combat, he
has opened His expertise to any who seek knowledge in war. His teachings have
been separated into three distinct paths, each one dependent on the others for
any victory the army achieves.

Path of the Blade - Expertise in combat is necessary for the victory in any
war, and those who pursue the path of the Blade seek to perfect their deadly
art. A strong sense of duty and a passion for success drives the Blades to
become the dominant force on any battlefield.

Path of the Hawk - The eyes of the Hawk are keen, surveying all before them and
planning their next move with careful precision. Those seeking the future
positions in espionage, diplomacy, military intelligence, or certain
tradeskills will find their place in this path.

Path of the Lion - The true symbol of warfare, the Lion is a proud animal that
attacks with unrelenting ferocity when pushed too far. The students of the Lion
are the symbol by which other soldiers try to live by and provide inspiration
to those the army serves. Given the mantle of handling army morale, strategy,
and general leadership of the troops, those serving in this path must give
themselves in all forms to the realm of War.

Those seeking His order must be ready to assume the role of the soldier,
choosing to leave personal gain behind for the good of the army. Any seeking
individual fame need not apply, for a soldier is focused merely on the success
of His peers and His General. There is no clear type who the Lord of War
searches for, but it is rumoured that he has trained anyone willing to learn
the strategies of His realm despite beliefs. Good and evil have no place in His
army; instead, His followers seek only to learn the craft and use it in
whatever challenges they choose to pursue.