Ceylon, the Golden Land - Achaea Online Help

12.1.5 Ceylon, the Golden Land

Ceylon, the Golden Land, is also known as the Land of the Dawn. Ceylon was
designed by an Aldar, the famed architect known as Mantru, and built at the
behest of the god Proteus, long ago. Built as a paradise and sanctuary for
the newborn race of humans, it was a wondrous and beautiful place the likes
of which have rarely been equalled. Maya, the Aldar who gave birth to the
first humans, was raised to the status of goddess and set to watch over

The descendants of the first humans eventually left the valley of Ceylon
however: first, out of choice, then later, forced due to a terrible plague.
Abandoned, Ceylon fell to ruins, forgotten for centuries. Later, after
Sarapis, the Logos passed the mantle of Creation to Maya, the Great
Mother, She saw fit to recreate the beauty of the Ceylon-that-was in a
separate plane, as homage to the beauty of the once-cradle of civilisation.

The Great Mother gifted this idyllic paradise to certain distinguished 
souls who had once lived in the Prime Material Plane, such as Gruul, the 
leader of the mercenaries of Arn in the War of Humanity, and Severian, 
right hand of the Emperor during the founding of the Seleucarian Empire.
It is rumoured that such luminous souls as the emperor Nicator and the 
Aldar Dekalb reside there as well.

At the age of eighteen, Achaeans may undertake the Trial of Rebirth through
self-immolation in the Flame of Yggdrasil. This Trial transports them to the
recreated Ceylon, where they undergo a quest to become Reborn.

The whereabouts of the ruins of the original Ceylon is unknown still, except
perhaps to the Great Mother.